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Published: 2008/06/25

Zach Gill (ALO, Jack Johnson): My Bonnaroo Day

ALO co-founder and Jack Johnson keyboardist Zach Gill was slated to deliver a photo essay on his Bonnaroo Saturday for the Beacon. However, Pearl Jam’s set ran long and he had to jump into the tour bus and return to the road with Jack Johnson. Zach remained in communication, explaining that Money Mark had a camera full of images (but alas he was nowhere to be found). Zach eventually emailed some images from the road but they arrived a bit too late to run in the Bonnaroo Beacon. Here they are though, in all their bandana-laden glory, a look at Zach Gill’s Bonnaroo Day

Ashley, Medeski and me

The quintessential Bonnaroo moment

My daughters arm/Les Claypool’s 8×8

Ben Folds at Bandanaroo

I noticed a subtle explosion of the bandana at this year’s Bonnaroo or rather Bandanaroo, especially at the Ben Folds set

Blue bandanna watching Ben Folds

Bald bandanna watching Ben Folds

Baked with bandanna

Broccoli with bandanna

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