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Published: 2009/07/31

A Walk in The Fog with Dave Schools and J Mascis

DS- Our manager, our shared manager, Brian Schwartz, said that you guys shot a video over four days while you guys were on tour in the South recently for the song “Over It.” It features skateboarding and BMX bicycle riding. Are you into this?

Oh yeah, I mean, I didn’t know much about BMX but skateboarding I was into. I haven’t skateboarded that much in like 30 years, I was skating a lot everyday. So I feel more comfortable now back on a skateboard.

DS- Do you wear protective gear?

No, the kids aren’t into that much these days.

DS- I know.

I’d like to, but my stunt double didn’t want to. I don’t know why, the kids just don’t think it’s cool somehow. I remember being into it when I was a kid ‘cause I’d do ramps and halfpipes and stuff, and I was definitely into pads. I just remember learning how to fall on my knee pads as a way of learning tricks and stuff.

DS- I’m surprised Schwartz let you get on one [skateboard].

I was more scared of Schwartz when he’d ride around with his Blackberry on a skateboard. It was disconcerning, I thought he was gonna wipeout.

DS- He wanted me to ask you why you didn’t want to let him skate.

I just feared for his life.

DS- I fear for his life too.

He just didn’t look exactly stable on the skateboard.

DS- Well, I guess we want our managers to stay in good shape so they can take care of us right?

Yeah I mean, I know Sonic Youth’s manager recently broke his ankle skateboarding.

DS- Back to the videos…What do you think is the point of making a video when there’s nothing on the video channels except for stupid reality TV, is it just a promotional tool?

I don’t really know, I guess YouTube is the biggest thing these days, but I’m not sure.

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