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Published: 2009/10/14
by Jeff Garbaz

Why Bother: Getting Rid of The Distractions

One guy I work with often that is a master at the direction of eliminating distractions is Jereb Carter of All Phase Event Group. He is the man behind the curtain that “puts out fires” all day long, sometimes from 1000’s of miles away … doing 2 shows at once. From his clip board, cell phone and laptop, Jereb is able to multitask like the best at his profession.

Jereb, along with his main man Scotty Nichols of All Phases Event Group are the masters of smelling the smoke before the fire and putting it out quickly. They get more space out of no space. They demand and get more out of everyone they direct. They know how to manage the needs of the artists and technical folks, the festival producers and promoters … right down to stage hands, roadies and folks like me, the VJ. Satisfying these needs have a lot to do with fire prevention, and the ultimate success of the festival.

Why Bother? So the magic has a fighting chance the night you show up.

He currently just finished up the Slightly Stoopid /Snoop tour and is looking forward to Telluride Blues and Brews and some time with his family for the rest of 2009. ( if you never got the chance, Telluride B+B is just amazing, the 2009 line up is off the hook).

So Jereb tell us who you are, what you do and Why You Bother working in the music industry?

I am VP of Operations for All Phases Event Group.

I currently reside in Rico, CO. I handle touring for such acts as the 2009 Blazed and Confused Tour featuring Slightly Stoopid , Snoop Dogg , Stephen Marley and Mickey Avalon. I also often handle Michael Franti and Spearhead.

I give production support for the Allgood Music Festival , Wakarusa, Telluride Blues and Brews, Delfest and a few others.

I bother with this business partially because I have passion for music, and the rest is for the challenge!

How did you get into this business?

I have run the gamut, worked in bars and clubs. I have played in bands and I started working at festivals when I was still a teenager. My mom ran the box office or a bunch of different festivals in the 80’s and 90’s, so I came up working opts and moved into production. I worked as a PA at the age of 16.

What are some of the bigger events you have been involved with?

Bonnaroo its first couple years, Mile High Music Festival, Telluride Bluegrass, Telluride Blues and Brews, All Good Festival, Wakarusa, Bob Dylan in Telluride & Barack Obama’s acceptance speech.

Do you remember a particular show you attended that really got you hook, line and sinker? Did you have any idea back then, you would end up doing what you do in 2009?

Yes, my mom and dad took me to Led Zeppelin while I was in utero, I was hooked then and have only had passion for one thing since … “the magic” that Wayne was referring to above.

Describe your first big gig in the position you have now.

Working with Bob Dylan and Tom Petty were two of the biggest I have done, they demand a lot, just doing one-offs with them I learned a lot about being a production manager and letting go of the little things that can bog you down. The days are long and if you don’t keep your distance a bit and try not to micro manage everyone when you have 50-60 person crew calls you can get a lot more done and make a lot more friends at the end of the day.

I was a bit nervous going into these shows. But when they were over and the last truck was closed it was a great feeling. I look forward to doing more of them.

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