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Published: 2009/10/14
by Jeff Garbaz

Why Bother: Getting Rid of The Distractions

Without trying to think to hard about it, quickly describe “a train wreck” that happens on a project.

At the X-Games a few years back I had Juliette Lewis and the Licks instigate a snowball fight with the crowd, well she was the opening band and we had 1 foot of snow all over everything in about 5 minutes, there were about 10,000 people there in a snow storm.

The headliner was like “we aren’t going out there!!”

Quickly describe “a slam dunk” that happens on a project.”

I am more of a football guy, on this last Snoop/Stoopid tour we had a lot of slam dunk nights or touchdowns!! Huge crowds, the crew was in the groove and the changeovers between acts were lighting fast, it felt great to know all the advance time put into it had come to fruition!

Briefly describe the a good vibe or best feeling you ever had while doing your job?

When my daughter tells me she want to go see Daddy’s show!

With all the changes in the music industry, what do you think will change in terms of the production coordinator’s job?

As technology evolves we will be able to accomplish so much more in less time, I remember doing van tours with Galactic, pulling over to use a pay phone to advance a show that was a week out, or trying to find a pay phone to call the Club and tell them we were running late. Getting a cell phone back then was not cheap. I clearly remember getting our first cell phone for the van, even then it only worked in certain areas!

Now I can advance a show or event from the middle of nowhere while fishing , and stay in touch on the go. So as the technology evolves the job will not change much but it is going to be better and more fun to do. Everyone likes to see a good fire, but let’s keep the fire in the kitchen, and the magic on the stage!

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