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The Camel Rider at Bonnaroo

Few things are trippier than a crowd of people dancing to what appears to be silence, but as the Silent Disco’s 2nd year DJ Jared Dietch (aka The Camel Rider) said, “Few things are better than seeing a bunch of people in flip flops losing their minds”. Dietch performed what was supposed to be his second set of the trip at 6 pm on Friday after missing his first set due to his plane’s emergency brake failure.

Dietch’s set started with a remix of Adele’s chart-topping hit, “Rolling In The Deep” and progressed into The Clash’s “Rock The Casbah”. Though the club scene is definitely different than the festival scene, the similarities are not hard to find. “The two scenes feed into each other,” he said. “It’s interesting to spread music to areas that maybe the music wouldn’t have gotten to.”

Dietch’s pay-it-forward approach to music also added to his work with the sound design at Bonnaroo’s cuckoo clock. For the design, Dietch compiled sound clips of pivotal scenes from movies like Rocky and Star Wars. It includes clips from “Eye of the Tiger” as well as a disco version of the Star Wars theme song. In addition to actual music from the movies, the sound design also includes actual audio from various scenes as well as moments of Yoda talking. The design plays at the clock every hour.

Dietch puts a new spin on already epic moments in his sound design and he uses Bonnaroo as inspiration for his endeavors in other aspects of his career and the DJing world. “I just heard Matt & Kim and I’ll definitely be bringing them back with me to New York and spreading them to the club scene.”

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