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Published: 2011/11/21
by Glenn H Roth

Neal Casal’s Brotherhood: Ryan Adams, Chris Robinson and Onward


How’s the fall tour going?

CRB is on an all-time high right now in our 7-month career. We’ve been touring since the end of March and it’s starting to pay off. The band is starting to sound seasoned and we’re developing our own identity. Everyone is getting along and everything is settling in. We’re so in tune and so limber because we’re playing three hour shows every night.

What’s the maturation process been like?

It’s happened so quickly. We did all of our growing up in front of people. We’re getting our live sound together now and it’s going to evolve very quickly when all of your growing up is done in public.

How did this new musical venture come about for you?

I’ve known Chris for about 10 years. When I was in Beachwood Sparks, we opened for the Black Crowes and we’ve been friends ever since. We did some informal jamming and always talked about doing something and it finally came together here.

What’s Chris like as a band leader?

He’s totally great. He has a clear idea of what he wants and he pushes everyone pretty hard. He pushed me past my limits and my normal comfort zone as a guitar player in terms of extended solo sections, instrumentals, and playing melodically. It’s been so great for me.

He also has a great sense of humor and knows when to lighten things up. He’s very aware, sharp, witty, funny and very smart.

You guys perform a variety of covers by the Grateful Dead, Carl Perkins and Jerry Jeff Walker, how are those songs selected?

Chris pretty much selects the covers. He has such a massive record collection and he wants to play songs that he loves. He gets excited to play all those songs. There’s not any strategy. He just follows his instincts and believes that it will lead to a good place.

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