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Published: 2011/12/23
by Glenn H Roth

Yarn Spins Ahead

Where do you guys see yourself in the jamband scene?

I love the jamband fan base. I would love for them to fully embrace us. I love the loyalty, I love the counter culture aspect of it. I think the term jamband has expanded a bit over the years, and we like to think we fit in there, at least a little bit.

Currently the band is playing small festivals and clubs, how’s the fan reaction been?

What’s great about the festivals, is that you are reaching a lot of unfamiliar people all at once, and the reaction has been amazing. A great example of a small festival embracing us, is The French Broad River Fest in Hot Springs, NC. We played there in the spring and the fall fest this year, and the crowd was incredible. Floydfest was another festival where the crowd just got it. As for the clubs, it’s a slower build, but so far so good, the love is growing.

How hard of a struggle has it been to build a following?

This is a hard business, being a musician on the road is just a struggle period Perseverance is the key. Some towns develop very quickly, others take more time than you think you can give them. Raleigh is an example of a town that caught on quick, Charlotte is an example of a town that took a while. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason as far as I can tell. Denver and Colorado Springs are two other towns that appear to be catching on quick, with other towns, like Philly and Albany, which we are still waiting to have pop.

Your shows are packed in Carolina, why do you believe there’s such a warm reception there?

Both Carolina and Virginia have been very good to us. It seems like we made friends quickly there. If I knew why or how it happened, I would make it happen everywhere. Does anyone know why this is? If so, please give us a call or send us an email.

Have you guys been able to make money solely on this venture? Or do you guys have other jobs?

At the moment, half of us are just doing this. We make other sacrifices to make it possible. We are living day-to-day at this point. Luckily, it is getting better. Andrew and Rod pick up gigs in the city when we are home and Bobby manages a restaurant in the city when our tour schedule permits. We’ve been very lucky.

A friend of mine told me, you guys put up flyers looking for money to help front a new album. When do you hope to get back in the studio and record?

We actually just jumped on the Kickstarter bandwagon. The record is actually just about done being recording. The money being raised is for the release, mastering, manufacturing, publicist, radio promo, and new merchandise – all the good expensive stuff that goes along with making a record. We are actually printing this recording on Vinyl. We even wrote a song to help get people motivated to donate, and every donation gets rewarded with something.

Do you feel bigger festivals are in your future?

We are getting invited to more and more festivals, it has grown each year, and we believe it is going to continue to grow. Strawberry Music Festival in California just recently invited us to play next spring. Right now we are on the bill with Alison Krauss and Union Station and Trampled By Turtles. The list will continue to grow, but that is some pretty good company already.

I know one of your dreams is to play Austin City Limits, can you elaborate? And are their other venues on your wish list?

My dad always said, ‘make goals for yourself son.’ The PBS show, Austin City Limits is my current goal, I’ve been watching that show for years and love it. I feel like it is somewhat attainable at this point, I guess we shall see. Other venues on my wish list are SPAC, Red Rocks, Ryman Auditorium and the Beacon Theater.

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