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Published: 2012/03/03
by Glenn H Roth

Travels Beyond The Junction with Reed Foehl

Since the breakup of Acoustic Junction in 2000, Reed Foehl has recorded four solo albums and was also a founding member of the country/bluegrass band Great American Taxi.

Foehl’s sound continues to evolve but the constant is that the Boston native loves what he does. “I am happy to keep on making records, music and songs,” Foehl said, “that I can continue to play it and have people hear it. “I am happy making music, so I guess that makes me happy with my career.” caught up with Foehl following a trip to Vancouver to begin work on his 2012 solo-release entitled Color Me In.

Jamming Junction

Do you still keep in touch with the guys from Acoustic Junction? What are Curtis, Tim and Matt up to these days?

Not so much. I see Tim a bit as he has been a part of my parents’ bluegrass band for the last 10 years. Curtis is in California, haven’t seen him in a long while. Matt, I bumped into him on the street in Boulder a few years back, but that’s been it.

When you look back at those years, what do you remember most?

The innocent fun, crazy parties and the painted lines on the highway.

What song was your favorite from that run?

So many, but I really liked “Guide My Boat,” from our last record we made together.

What did you like about that 8-minute song, is there sentimental value or a deep meaning behind that particular song?

I just liked how it takes you on a musical journey. I liked how it’s made up of many different parts that connect as a whole.

Do you feel AJ made an imprint on the jamband scene?

Oh, I don’t know. That’s up to you all. I think we made a mark on our fans and each other. I do believe we had an influence on some younger bands at the time coming up the ranks.

What bands did you feel you influenced and in what way?

It’s hard to really say — you’d have to ask them. I think we just paved the way and inspired other bands to work hard and tour and then see the positive results.

I never understood why the band changed its name to Fools Progress and then back to Acoustic Junction. Can you clear up the confusion.

We signed a record deal. They wanted us to change our name, thought “acoustic” was limiting. Obviously was not a wise decision, so we changed it back.

Why wasn’t it a wise decision?

Because we had built up a fan base touring for nine years under the moniker Acoustic Junction and then tossed that away. It’s like a restaurant that has the same food but changes its name; even though the food is the same, nobody gets it.

How do you compare the jamband scene to what it was then and what it is now?

I don’t think much has changed, it’s all about noodling and having a good time. I wish there was more moving content in the songs, that’s what made the Grateful Dead so special and sets them apart from all the others.

What ultimately led AJ to disband?

Ten years on the road together in a van.

It’s been 12 years since you guys have played together, has there ever been talk of a string of reunion shows in Colorado?

It’s been mentioned but it has never come to fruition.

Does that disappoint you ?

No, I am content with that ride. Now I am on another.

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