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Published: 2013/05/13
by Dylan Gray

Colin Hay Still Finds His Dance

Do you prefer writing and recording songs to performing in front of a crowd?

Well, they are both creative in their own way. They are each part of the puzzle, they are related to each other; they belong with one another. I think my favorite place to be is in the studio, writing and recording because that is very exciting. Like a lot of things if you are writing something for the first time and discovering something for the first time, and its original and fresh and just came out of the oven, then it’s a pretty exciting thing. Then you take that song and go and perform it. Performing a new song is challenging as opposed to performing something that already exists. With a new song, you have to create ways to make it exciting for yourself. You have to get inside the song and let it speak and you can constantly be reborn as you are performing the song.

Is there someone who you have not gotten to work with that you would like to work with in the future?

Oh there are a lot of people that I haven’t worked with. I haven’t really worked with producers for a long time simply because I don’t have budgets for my records because I am not signed to a major label. I must admit that I would dearly love to work with Paul McCartney at some point. That would be a dream for me.

What can fans expect when they come to see you perform live?

I want to know what I can expect from fans because I want to know are they going to get dressed up or are they going to wear those dumb old shorts that they wear during the day. If it is dark, make a bit of an effort and put on some long pants (laughter).

Back when Men at Work was around, you played large arenas, but in more recent years you are playing much smaller more intimate shows. Do you prefer one or another?

I really don’t enjoy one over the other. I love playing for any audience, whether it be big or small, I really don’t have a preference. If it is a small audience you can talk to them, if it is a big audience you have to yell at them.

What do you think is your greatest professional accomplishment after all these years?

Just being in it after all these years.

Any plans of retirement?

No, no plans for retirement, but I really don’t have plans for anything. I really don’t know what retirement means (laughter). But no, I won’t be retiring any time soon.

For all of the Colin Hay fans out there, tell us something about yourself that would surprise folks.

Well, I probably cook a lot better than fans would imagine. But maybe that would surprise them. Who knows what surprises people these days? People get surprised by all sorts of things but then not surprised by others.

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