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Published: 2002/11/07

The Disco Biscuits Play ‘Chemical Warfare Brigade’ Rock Opera

The Disco Biscuits peformed The Chemical Warfare Brigade rock opera in its entirety last night at The Odeon in Cleveland, OH. The opera was written by bassist Marc Brownstein who debuted it with his side project, Electron, at The Trocadero in Philadelphia on 8/18/00 (at the time the line-up included drummer Joe Russo of Fat Mama, guitarist Tom Hamilton of Brothers Past, keyboardist Aron Magner of Tthe Disco Biscuits, percussionist Paul Herron and DJ Stitch). Last nights second set performance marked the third time The Biscuits have played the complete rock opera and the first time since 4/26/01 at The Roxy in Atlanta.

Its really a rock opera about the impending doom that we all have to deal with along with a couple of things that we can think about in order to potentially avoid disaster in terms of our own society, Brownstein said from the road today. Its basically about a really brilliant scientist and a carpenter who he befriends. The story is about these two guys having an idea when theyre really drunk. The doctor is explaining about this top secret university project that hes working on where theyre developing a chemical that can kill anything that it comes in contact with. It can essentially wipe out an entire population of monkeys, or even people. Theres this whole long story, but it basically comes down to a story about morals vs. moneyIn total, I’ve now played it in its entirety four times, but last night was the one. After the show someone said to me, It was the best single performance of a rock opera that [The Disco Biscuits] have ever done.
The Biscuits also have played guitarist Jon Gutwilligs rock opera The Hot Air Balloon, which was debuted on 12/31/98 at Silk City in Philadelphia.
The band plays tonight at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI. For the full schedule, visit

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