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Published: 2002/12/26

Dexter Grove to Perform Benefit Show with Special Guests

Dexter Grove will play a benefit show for the Make a Wish Foundation tonight at Savannahs in Albany, NY. The concert is being billed as Singer Songwriter Night and will feature guest performances by Peter Prince (Moon Boot Lover), Dana Monteith (Ominous Seapods), Jimmy John McCabe (Yolk), Todd Wright (Dr. Didg, Heavy Mayo), Chris Noel (Small Appliances) and Chris Fisher (Conehead Buddha). The groups holiday run also includes December 27 at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA and December 28 at The Ale House in Portland, ME. For details, visit

In other news, Dexter Grove has recently been playing private shows for a disabled friend. Charley Orlando discussed the performances in the groups year-end newsletter. Several years ago Cristy was in a car crash that left her completely paralyzed to the point where she has to be shoulder strapped into her wheel chair. A friend of ours works with her to help her move her arms, legs, head, and basically everything. She understands all that is around her but can’t respond well. So our friend asked us if we’d try something out. Of course we said yes and found ourselves sitting in front of Cristy in her home with a guitar and a drum and nothing but time to try and get through to her. The first couple of times we went to her home to play for her were uplifting as to what music can do. It was so touching to us, so we kept doing it as much as we could. So on this last run out to Montana we stopped in to play for Cristy again. What happen this time was amazing. She had moved and made noise for the music before but this time…WOW...the shoulder straps came off and her arms went above her head and her foot was tapping to the beat…I was blown away. We had only played three times for her and she was already responding miles above what any of us expected. This moment to me IS what music is for…HEALING! It truly was my favorite moment in my musical career. A packed house of fans doesn’t hold a candle to that moment where you know you are making a real difference. I hope this story makes you smile as much as it made and makes Steve and me smile.

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