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Published: 2003/05/07

Who Swiped Chuck Garveys Wah Wah Pedal?

moe. guitarist Chuck Garveys RMC Wah Wah pedal was stolen Sunday night at a Monkeys On Ecstacy stealth gig in Syracuse, NY. Garvey said the following in a statement posted to the bands website and listserve:
THE WHOLE BAND had a great time doing this three show run in venues packed with great people. The last one, however, ended on a sour note when it was brought to my attention that some audience member(s) walked off with some of my property. It’s difficult to get around my feelings on this: The Monkeys played their asses off, enjoyed the night and the folks and felt that something cool was shared. Next thing ya know, some loser is ripping you off. Stuck the knife in and broke it off, as it were….. I won’t get much more dramatic about it (not much),.... all I ask is that YOU (you know who you are, or maybe just witnessed this lo fi maneuver) do one of two things: 1) Return the pedal, which is unique for me and is a tool that allows me to do my job, – thereby also returning some of my faith in humanity and the high regard I have for every one of the audience members for which we play. Or…. 2) Know in your heart that you did something cool by rudely depriving me of my general sanity and personal property. In addition, you had better know how to USE THE FUCKING THING EXTREMELY WELL. No playing shaft-like nonsense for hours on end. O.K. ‘nuff said. Just email me at or mail the thing to this address: moe. mail, P.O. Box 931, Portland, ME 04104. No strings attached, you can be as anonymous as you like. Make me not want to go out and kill. Love, Chuck

As for the show itself, the first set was comprised of nearly the entire Wormwood album, in order. By contrast, the second set featured only two songs, Recreational Chemistry, which segued into Meat.
moe. plays tonight at Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale, PA. For more information, visit

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