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Published: 2005/02/28

Jon Trafton To Undergo Cancer Treatment

Jon Trafton has had a quite a ride since he began performing with Reid Genauer in Strangefolk nearly fifteen years ago. Now life has again taken a difficult turn, as he has posted to his section of the Strangefolk web site that he has been diagnosed with rectal cancer. In Jon’s room he explains that over the coming weeks he’ll be undergoing radiation, chemo, and surgery. Beyond that he notes, ‘Over the years I’ve answered a good many emails from people who had fought or were fighting cancer. Being told that Strangefolk’s music helped pull them through and was a key factor in their recovery is one of the biggest prizes someone who makes music can receive. If I ever doubted the reason I decided to play music professionally, hearing from people like this was all the reason I ever needed. Now it’s my time to fight and fight I will. This is going to be okay but I’m going to have to lie low for the next few months while we wrench this bugger out. I’ll try to check in from time to time if I can.’

Jon has been a vital member of our community for many years. Please take the time to send him some healing thoughts or even an email of support (but please let it be known that he doesn’t need to write back- the last thing we want to do is make him feel overhwhelmed at a time such as this- you can reach him at

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