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Published: 2005/06/01

Reunion at the Reunion

For fear of disappointing columnist Andy Padre Wu Miller, we hereby offer some news from the Big Wu Family Reunion which took place this past weekend at Harmony Park Music Garden, in Geneva, MN. On Sunday, God Johnson the group which includes former Big Wu guitarist Jason Fladager preceded the Wu and Fladager later emerged for a few songs during the groups second set including Two Person Chair, S.O.S and Midnight Rudy. The imagery for this years Reunion featured an ocean theme and the group responded in that same set with a number of fitting songs such as Octupus’s Garden Ship of Fools and the Love Boat Theme

Fladager, himself a once (and future?) columnist offers the following impressions of the event, ‘Local and regional Midwest artists such as Trampled by Turtles, Fat Maw Rooney, and Cloudsplitter (featuring Terry V and Chris Castino from Big Wu) were blowing the roof off the Parlour Stage. There were some great acts on the main stage, but this year it was all about the side stage. I do have to apologize to a few people during the Saturday late night RAQ show. During the set, many attendee’s were coming up and congratulating me on a great show with my new band God Johnson, but I have to admit I wasn’t paying much attention. RAQ was totally deconstructing my world at that point! Without question, RAQ was the sugar-cube set to remember from BWFR #8; featuring a perfect rendition of Van Halen’s ‘JUMP’ as well as several other mind-bending jams. WOW. What set this year’s Reunion apart from all others was the deliciously chill vibe set by all concertgoers. Maybe because elder artists such as The Radiator’s brought out the older, kinder gentler generations, the younger kids picked up on the ‘Vibe’ which can be only learned through the ages. Folks, if you want to know how to hold a regional festival, take lessons from the Big Wu.’

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