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Published: 2005/11/18

Darol Anger, Peter Rowan, Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt To Join Yonder on NYE

The Yonder Mountain String Band will expand to a quintet once again on New Years Eve with Darol Anger sitting in with the group. There may well be additional collaborations as well given the artists who will join Yonder’s two night New Years Eve run at the Fillmore Auditorium. Opening the show on December 30 will be The Neville Brothers, while on the 31st, longtime bandmates Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt, may well revisit the Leftover Salmon catalog in their set with Peter Rowan.
Incidentally, as a reminder, at it website, the group reminds concertgoers not to throw items at the stage:

_In light of recent happenings a serious matter must be addressed. PLEASE DO NOT THROW THINGS AT US, OR THE STAGE (glow sticks, shoes, beer bottles, etc). It is simply UNACCEPTABLE. At previous shows, even when we have politely asked the audience not to throw things in our direction, fans continued to do so. In some instances, we’ve been hit. _
_Hopefully you can all understand the seriousness of this matter. When things are flying at us while performing we are concerned for our safety, and the safety of our instruments and CANNOT perform to the best of our ability. To say the least, dodging random items all night long is incredibly frustrating. We want to put on the best show possible and when folks in the crowd refuse to stop throwing things at us it’s simply not possible. _
Of course, the majority of you who are reading this know better than to take part in these actions and that is why we need YOUR help to let others know. If you’re at a show and see someone getting ready to throw something or even after you’ve witnessed something thrown please let them know their actions interfere with the band’s ability to perform and play the best show possible. If necessary call security over to alleviate the problem. In the future when security witnesses anything being thrown at the band/stage that person will be escorted out of the show.
_We regret having to make this announcement, as we know the majority of folks at our shows are respectful and mean no harm, but please understand this simply cannot go on. You have never let us down in the past, so please let folks who aren’t in the loop know what theyre doing is wrong. The last thing we want is to be forced to walk off stage because it’s too dangerous to continue playing. _

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