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Published: 2006/01/05

Phil Lesh Directs To Remove Message Boards

Phil Lesh himself has taken responsibility for removing the message boards on the fan site In a statement released on the site he indicates, Until now, I have felt that the boards are your turf to trample as you will; but right before New Year’s Eve one of my employees received a very threatening email from a frequent poster on Philzone. In the process of dealing with this I was shown that the discussions sometimes cross the line. For example – Bob Weir is dead; so and so (fill in the name of the musician you most love to hate) is a junkie/child-molester/wife-beater/asshole/sucks, etc. Our attorneys are dealing with the threatening email, but they are concerned that is perceived to be an official site. We will be working with the Philzone team to clarify the distinction between the two. Lesh goes on to comment about Jimmy Herring’s departure (explaining that they had been growing apart musically since the December 04 shows), Ryan Adams and the Grateful Dead soundboards. The Philzone administrator then concludes the message, adding, ‘We will be putting the discussion board back up soon.’

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