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Published: 2006/01/24

Family Trips

A forthcoming Discovery Channel/TLC program is searching for old school Dead Head parents and their progeny. The call is out for ‘families who have children now between the ages of 25 and 45 who raised them on tour or did a lot of traveling to shows while they were growing up.’ The casting department for the program adds, ‘If this description fits your
family at all and you have pictures or home movies from when you all were
traveling-please send me an email about your family with a picture if you
have one!’ Send your email to Aside from the supreme glory of being featured on a

Discovery Channel/TLC program, the show’s producers pledge to ‘send 10 lucky families to relive a trip from the past.’ (and in a mildly-related manner, we at offer our salutations to staff writer/copy editor Randy Ray, who has just learned that he will add a pair of twins to his growing brood- even if his son Conor doesn’t quite yet constitute a brood).

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