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Published: 2006/01/26

Phil Lesh Digs The Inverted ‘Fire’

Earlier this month, we reported that had taken down its discussion board at the behest of Phil Lesh. The board is now back up and functioning. In addition, as a result of that incident, Lesh has started communicating via email with a number of the boards denizens. The most recent missive describes a musical inversion in true Disco Biscuits fashion…
Lesh writes, It would seem that theres only one way to sing a song, right?
From beginning to end? A while back, I screwed up Fire on the Mountain by
singing the last verse first. Halfway through the next jam, I flashed that I
should switch the first and last verses and leave the middle verse in place.
That showed me new meaning in the song, meaning it wouldnt have had any
other way. By retelling the story in a different order, immeasurable
richness is revealed. Each song, then, can be sung in many different orders,
and, like the versions of a myth, all are true.
The full text of the letter (and a few others) is now posted at the Phil zone site.

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