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Published: 2006/03/21

Perpetual Groove: Echoes From The Cave

Riding high on a first night Langerado performance that became the talk of the weekend at that festival, Perpetual Groove just this past weekend offered five sets of music at Tree Sound Studios live music space, ‘The Cave. Following a long line of musicians that have performed in the cozy Tree Sound confines, including Outkast, Elton John, The Strokes, Zwan and Trey Anastasio; Pgroove stood and delivered for an intentionally small, but very enthusiastic audience. Drummer Albert Suttle indicated on Saturday that it is likely some of this music will be part of a future official release. Eventually this will turn into an album, but were not sure when. We still have to decide what material to use, and whether it will be a single or double disc release. We want to make sure it is a quality product more than we want to rush something out.

Based on what this reporter heard, it will be a double disc release as the band offered a wealth of great music over the weekend. Friday night, their two set show included stellar readings of Spaceman Speedball and Playground to end the first set, and Teakwood Betz, TSMM and a strikingly moving version of Walking In Place in the second set. Although, after their show, most fans were raving about the powerful, extended take on Aim and the improvisation that began the encore, and eventually unfolded into Perihelion.

The band had guarded enthusiasm after the first performance. We were in a different head space the first night, a little antsy because of the recording process, says Suttle, The second night we were looser, and were much happier with how we played.

Saturday night was indeed one for the PGroove history books. It was a three set show during which the band touched on some of their oldest material dating back to Adam Perry (bass) and Brock Butler’s (guitar, vocals) days at Savannah College of Art and Design (Deception Structure and a mighty take on The March of Gibbles Army from their hard-to-find, fetal-stage, ‘Jungle Funk’ demo) and some of their most recent (a earth-shattering take on Crapshoot, this reporters weekend highlight and maybe the bands strongest composition to date, and Only Always which ended the weekend). They also offered the only covers of the weekend, inserting Nehemiah Curtis ‘Skip’ James Hard Time Killing Floor Blues into the middle of All This Everything, and wowing the room with a stunning take on the Chemical Brothers/Flaming Lips collaborative piece, The Golden Path. Most importantly, it was an invigorating performance during which the band was consistently focused and energetic.

Silver mountains are surely rising high in the clouds for Perpetual Groove right now as they travel to the Midwest. They will perform at The Music Mill in Indianapolis on Wednesday, and then first head for Columbia and St. Louis, Missouri, before returning to Indiana for a show at Bloomingtons Bluebirds, and then on to Wisconsin and Illinois (they will be at Urbanas Canopy Club March 30). After the Midwest tour, Pgroove will carefully review the Tree Sound recordings, and according to Suttle, make some decisions. If it turns out that we have some really good, viable material that we can snap on an album, then there is a chance it will get out pretty quick. Report by Rob Turner

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