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Published: 2006/04/01

Former Site Editor Lured Into Phishing Scam

Mr. Jefferson Waful, formerly of and currently of XM Satellite Radio and the moe. lighting board, is the latest victim of the on-line phenomena that mainstream media has labeled the Phishing scam. Perhaps all the more shocking is Waful’s admission that he was complicit in the crime. Although initially he denied any role in the incident (I was just Googling some honeys), Waful later broke down and admitted he was trolling for the perfect Divided Sky when he willfully uploaded all his personal data to a website called It appears that this is not an isolated occurrence as other individuals have been acting in a similar manner. One unnamed victim explains, Trust me, this isnt first time Im allowed myself to be taken by a Phishing Scam. I can remember all those Dude of Life shows, the Amfibian Higher Ground dates and the Countdown to Utica. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I just miss the Boys

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