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Published: 2006/05/09

Multiple Identities (And Costumes) For Hot Buttered Rum

Over the weekend, Hot Buttered Rum hosted its Spring Meltdown in Californias Yosemite Mountains. The group opened the proceedings by introducing the Overall Experience, a band that turned out to be members of HBR and fellow Meltdown performers Honkytonk Homeslice dressed up in overalls, fake beards and straw hats singing straight ahead bluegrass tunes. The evenings festivities then moved into an extended set from Bill Nershis Honytonk Homeslice and finally two sets from Hot Buttered Rum. For their performance, the members of Hot Buttered Rum once again dressed in costume, this time adopting a Cinco De Mayo theme, dressing in white long sleeve button downs, black pants, and red sashes. During its set, HBRs tour manager, Molly Foehl, also took the stage for a cover Four Non Blondes, Whats Up, with Bill and Jilian Nershi, the Everyone Orchestras Matt Butler, Sharon Gilchrist and Scott Law all joining in the fray.

Saturdays Spring Meltdown Festivities featured a variety of workshops including a singer/songwriter series spotlighting Billy Nershi, Scott Law, Nat Keefe, Erik Yates and a singer/songwriter named Big Water, as well as a veggie-oil seminar led by Zac Matthews and Bryan Horne. During the afternoon hours, Hot Buttered Rum also offered a set of unplugged music for kids in attendance. Later in the evening, HBR performed another pair of plugged-in sets, with Butler drumming to the fire batons of Earth Capades. The Spring Meltdowns festivities concluded with a performance by the Everyone Orchestra based around The Bands The Weight, with many of the weekends performers rotating on and off the stage. Nershi demonstrated his stills on a variety of instruments throughout the event, performing on bass and dobro, as well as his trademark acoustic guitar.

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