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Published: 2006/06/07

Kimock on Welnick and Ramrod

Steve Kimock has written a joint eulogy for Ramrod and Vince Welnick and homepage. A member of the Grateful Deads extended family since the early-1980s, Kimock toured with Welnick on several occasions and appears on his live album, _ Missing Man Formation_. In his eulogy Kimock says,

_I have good days and bad days. This is not one of my better days. My sense of loss, grief and confusion have been building slowly since Ramrod passed, and now with the news of Vince’s utterly tragic departure from this world, I am charged with the personal reflection and comparison of the loss of these two friends and brothers.
I can’t say enough good about Ramrod. Never will. Never could. In the brief time I had to work closely with him, his stability, determination, patience, strength, and capability completely changed my view of how a man could relate to his work and life by virtue of his character.
In my heart, I know that my friend Ramrod was at peace with his death,
As he was one with this world in his life.
Scatter the ashes and turn the page.
We will love and miss you forever.
Thanks man.
I don’t think Vince moved as easily through this world or into the next as Ramrod did. We had some great times, great gigs, and I learned more about harmony from Vince playing his music than I ever learned anywhere else. But through it all, he was possessed of a nervous, lonely energy that always seemed to be on the verge of teetering out of control.
I loved and respected Vince, and reached out to him when he needed energy I thought I could provide. It wasn’t enough. He needed more people to reach out to him. In more meaningful ways. He was important and special and fragile and somehow, I feel we failed him.
Look around you, look at this world. See the beauty in it. Now take responsibility for the darkness that we all feel when we turn our heads from our heroes and our friends, when we turn our backs on injustice and let that pain force us inside ourselves.
We all know people who are as important, special and fragile as Vince. Please reach out, please love, and ask nothing in return.
Lets not lose any more friends behind ‘too little too late.’
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.
Better days ahead. Keep the faith.
Love, Deeply, S.K.
Kimock will perform with Zero at Santa Rosa, CAs Harmony Festival on Saturday.

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