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Published: 2006/06/19

Were In The Pink (Bonnaroo Beacon, Day 1)

Vibe Master Russ Bennett
The correct answer is Tennessee Jed.
To be more specific, the version by Phil Lesh & Friends that the group performed with Bob Weir at the inaugural Bonnaroo which appears on the initial Live From Bonnaroo CD.
The question, Alex Trebek, is What was the first song to air on Radio Bonnaroo 2006?
Indeed at 2PM on Wednesday afternoon, the reins were passed from WFTZ and 101.5 FM officially became Bonnaroos own station once again.
Approximately five hours later, the first vehicles carrying this years festival goers entered the site.
But while the bustle now begins in earnest, a walk around the site on Wednesday afternoon affirmed that Bonnaroo has been in motion for many weeks . Indeed, some diligent crew members have occupied the site for some time now, initially working on the infrastructure before moving on to more high-profile tasks, such as raising the tents and building the stages. More recently Centeroo began to take on some of its familiar flavors (and plenty of unfamiliar ones as well).
Pod guy at work
Meanwhile, improvisation was the byword at the Pod sites that dotted the landscape. Spearheaded by sculptor John Bisbee, teams of artists have spent the past few days fashioning what will become collaborative projects (with contributions to be solicited from Bonnaroo attendees as means to highlight and facilitate the festivals ambassadors program). On Wednesday afternoon, the Pod artists occupied themselves with a variety of found objects, using a range of materials from chicken wire to bubble wrap to hay in order to create a crazy quilt of community centers.
While work continued at the Pods, Bisbees partner in vibe Russ Bennett was out rallying the troops and inspecting the festivals new color scheme. While examining the Ferris wheel that is the latest addition to Centeroo, Bennett summed up his thoughts on this years festival in relation to previous Bonnaroos.
The first year was like the opening night of a play. There was that level of anticipation from everyone. The second year there were some complications from the rain and we had a bit of that in the years that followed. But the weather has cooperated once again, and enthusiasm is high. This year Bennett explained as he gestured to the carnival ride and then to the festivals newly painted walls, This year, were in the pink.

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