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Published: 2007/07/26

Fur Peace Ranch Hosts David Gans for Intimate Instructional Sessions

From September 28-October 1 Jorma Kaukonens Fur Peace Ranch will host guitarist, songwriter and radio personality David Gans for a series of intimate instructional sessions on electric and acoustic guitar looping techniques. ‘I got the loop device as a way of enriching my solo performances,’ Gans says. ‘I wanted to be able to record the chord changes of the song so I could play a guitar solo over top. But once I had that thing on the floor in front of me, I began to explore the creative possibilities. Now I’m able to improvise multi-layered musical structures onstage – and some of them become compositions after I get them into the studio for editing and analysis.’ While Gans only

equips himself only with a guitar, pedal-controlled looping setup and his voice, he is able to deliver a full, rich sound. During his workshop, Gans will provide first hand instruction on the use of a loop device as both an accompaniment for singer-songwriters and for the creation of multi-layered improvisations. Participating students need to bring a guitar that plugs in (acoustic or electric) and a Boss RC-20XL or RC-2 Loop Station.

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