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Published: 2008/01/16

Widespread Panic Strives To Make It Right

Widespread Panic has announced that it will contribute to the Make It Right program initiated by Brad Pitt to rebuild New Orleans’s lower ninth ward. As a result, through, the group is offering a downloadable studio version of ‘Walk On the Flood’ from the group’s forthcoming studio album Free Somehow. As John Bell explains:

Every Person and Place should be lucky enough to benefit from attention and assistance after a devastating event such as hurricane Katrina. The rejuvenation of the ninth ward and surrounding neighborhoods is an important part of restoring and maintaining the Spirit of this wonderful, crazy city – as well as helping set the tone for how similar events may be handled in the future.
Widespread Panic is extremely honored to jump on this particular bandwagon; New Orleans has been more than special to the Band over the years – She even gave us JoJo!
_In the spirit of charity, we kindly ask that those who participate in this offer experience or share the song in such a way as not to diminish its fundraising potential. For a more comprehensive look at this project, you can visit

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