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Published: 2008/05/01

Give Us the Money Lebowski to Host Awesometown

Give Us the Money Lebowski will host the first annual Awesometown at Morrisville, PAs Snipes Farm on May 9 and 10. In addition to the festivals hosts, who have made a name for themselves throughout the Northeast as of late, the multi-band gathering will feature current New Groove Jammy nominees Scarecrow Collection and The Brew, as well as 2004 New Groove of the Year winner The Breakfast. Other confirmed acts include: Grimace Federation, Juggling Suns, Turbine, PUSH, Unexplained Bacon, Jimkata and Squirrelmaster, among others. Disco Biscuits drummer Allen Aucoin will also perform under his Dr. Fameus alias and very well may perform with the rotating Squirrelmaster line-up, with whom he has collaborated in the past.

A humorous message on the festivals website also reveals the following about the first year event:
I know: you cant quite place that feeling. Right? You want to say the name of it, but its different. Its on the tip of your tongue, but keeps retreating back into your mind because you havent said the word before. Is there even a word to describe it?_
I mean what do you call it? How do you describe the shooting star in your musical galaxy that illuminates your soul as you dance and twirl your way to a higher level of being? Its the vibration of life that tickles your ear drums as you realize the real world is miles away and the only thing that matters is now. Well, that and have they cleaned the port-a-johns this morning?but I digress.
Do you remember that blanket you had as a kid, that you can still smell whenever you think about how much fun you had being a kid? Its kind of like that. You are wrapped in whatever that feeling is. I mean, look at yourself? Go over to the rear view mirror and look. Its cool, Ill wait. I have nowhere to go really, I am program.
See? Look at that smile. I mean, Jesus, how do the tips of your ears not hurt from that thing? You havent smiled like that in years. Youre glowing. A face with that much happiness on it should adorn some form of currency or a Wheaties box or even the hood of a blinged out 76 Chevy Impala. Hell, you could tell me my dog just died with that smile and I would probably feel like you just told me the greatest news in the history of history.
And get this: you are going to be smiling like that ALL WEEKEND.
You are amongst your closest friends today. The sky is the limit. The possibilities are endless. There is nothing you can do to deny it. You will have an amazing time, listening to amazing music, with amazing people. Shit, look at that! I just said amazing three times in one sentence. Thats how epic this will be.
Years from now children will gather around you and the room will go silent when you open up with the line: you know I was at Awesometown.
Wait, thats it! Awesometown! Thats the word to describe how you feel right now. Someone should name a two day music festival after that..oh wait.
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. This festival may come and go, but we will forever be in Awesometown. It is now part of you. On behalf of Give Us the Money Lebowski: we’d be honored and privileged to have you join us. You wont regret it. I promise.
P.S.: My dog is okay right? I mean you are starting to make me wonder.


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