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Published: 2008/09/04

Dean Ween’s Fishing Derby

Earlier this year avid fisherman Dean Ween began hosting his own fishing show, so it makes sense that his latest non-musical project is the nationwide Bownie Troop Freshwater Shit Fishing Derby. Ween describes the event as the most unpretentious of all fishing derbies and offers the following rules and regulations:
_ Each entrant must mail 10 dollars of u.s. cash to:_
Brownie Troop Fishing Show, P.O. Box 324, New Hope, PA, 18938
_Each entrant will then receive a custom BTFS tape measure via the u.s. mail, your ten dollars covers the cost of the tape measure and postage. The tape measure is nice, it is a 5 foot tape housed in a lovely plastic 3×2 case with our logo on the side. All fish must be photographed with the BTFS tape measure clearly in the frame; anglers are highly encouraged to catch and release. Fish will not be judged by weight, only by length alone, any entries not measured with your hand-numbered tape will be disqualified. This is to discourage the killing of fish by bringing them to a tackle shop for weigh-ins. There is no reason to trust any of the entrants, myself included, but cheating is discouraged. All fish pictures must be mailed to , although we are starting a forum specifically for this event which can viewed at

the following fish will be recognized by the governing body (me) as follows:
Sunfish/Bluegill/Perch/Crappie/Rock Bass
Catfish, any species.
_ Fishing is unlimited to any body of water of your choosing. There are no restrictions on bait, tackle, or method of fishing. If you want to noodle in a 100lb catfish, then that is your right. The contest will begin upon receipt of your tape measure and end on September 25, 2008, my birthday. No more entries will be accepted after September 18. the contest will be limited to 200 entrants, the amount of monogrammed tape measures I had printed. Join today, and be a part of the most shameful fishing derby known to mankind_.
-Dean Ween
Ween currently has no confirmed tour dates. Please visit for more on the guitarists fishing program.

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