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Published: 2009/01/23

Drew Emmitt Issues Statement Regarding Bill McKay

Yesterday we reported that Leftover Salmons Bill McKay had been arrested in Denver Tuesday on a charge of sexual assault stemming from a New Years Eve party. In response, Leftover Salmons Drew Emmitt told the Colorado Daily, We have been aware of Bills drinking problem for a long time. Weve been trying to help him, but we knew he was going down this path. Hes been really lucky that something bad hasnt happened before this. Hes no longer with this band. Longtime band manager John Joy countered this by emphasizing that Drew does not speak for the band.
In response, Emmitt has released an official statement in which he amends his comments from earlier in the week:
With a level head and a heavy heart, I appreciate this opportunity to respond to the recent article in the Colorado Daily. I have a long history with Colorado Daily reporter Wendy Kale, and was foolish to think that my candid conversation with her was between friends. OF COURSE it was on the record — I should have known that. But that is beside the point; more importantly, Id like to address what I said.
In retrospect, and having had more time to better understand the situation, I realize that I was reacting from a place of confusion and hurt, troubled by even the thought that Bill could or would do something like hes being accused of. The truth is, the dynamic between members of any band is very difficult at times. Bill is a brother to me, and a best friend. It was unfair of me to air any personal gripes between Bill and myself publicly. I can only hope that people understand that my comments came from a place of personal turmoil, and not as an official statement from the band on Bills innocence or guilt or on the status of him as a member of Leftover Salmon. For now, I can only say that everyone in the band and our families will do our very best to support all parties involved. Thanks for listening.

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