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Published: 2009/03/06

The Phish Report Night 1: ‘About Last Night’

By Charlie Dirksen
Photo by David Vann
Believe the hype, Phish is back. The electrified Hampton Coliseum bore witness to more than three and a half hours of music last night, including an already legendary hour and fifty-three minute first set. Phishs triumphant return featured songs spanning the entirety of their career, as well as an awe-inspiring light show. For those who believed Phish had wronged them at Coventry, all was forgiven.
While a critical review would undoubtedly note that YEM had to be restarted due to error (once again, as at Coventry), and that Treys allegiance to the tricky compositions of most of the songs wasnt always present, the bottom line is that Phish played beautifully overall. For example, they basically nailed Grind, the complex, a capella first encore tune (from the album Undermind), towards the end of the long night, which in itself was a remarkable feat, but the jamming tunes that Phish played the Stash, Tweezer, YEM and Harry in particular all contained the familiar artistry that you have come to love. Even YEMs vocal jam was practically a retrospective on the styles of vocal-jamming featured in YEM over the last twenty years. It was just that kind of night. You can download the show on MP3 for free from, and you should listen for yourself. Maybe you, too, will fall in love with Phish again.

Charlie Dirksen first saw Phish on October 6, 1989. He is an antitrust lawyer in San Francisco who also sits on the Board of The Mockingbird Foundation, an all-volunteer 501( c)(3) started by Phish fans that has raised and distributed more than $600,000 for music education.

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