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Published: 2009/05/12

T Bone Burnett to Produce New Grace Potter Record

Veteran producer T Bone Burnett will produce Potter and the Nocturnalss next studio album. The group recently entered Los Angeles

Village Recorder to begin work on the project, the Nocturnals third since 2002. T Bones a legend but also a genuinely effervescent personality, which is what I look for in anybody, especially a producer, Potter said in a statement. Weve been putting out feelers for a while. In the end, it was Bob Cavallo [Chairman of the Disney Music Group] who called him and said, T Bone, you owe me 25 bucks. He was referring to a golf match theyd had like 20 years ago. How funny is that? Soon thereafter, Burnett, Cavallo and Potter got together for breakfast. They both have such spectacular histories, and for the first 45 minutes they just traded stories. I thought it would just be a getting to know you meeting, but at the end, T Bone said, Lets go make a record.
The group started working with a set of 50 songs written over the past two years and eventually boiled the collection down to a single disc’s worth of material. T Bone put the project in cinematic terms, Potter continues. He told me, You and your voice and your songs are the movie; Im just gonna score the movie. Since then weve been riffing back and forth: Ill shoot a song demo to him on MP3, and hell get me notes back within a few hours. He has a really interesting sense of the big picture, but has an acute sense of subtle detail. Its such a huge relief to find a producer of T Bones caliber we can totally put our trust in, not just because of the records hes made, but because of the person he is. Now its happening, and were excited and ready!

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