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Published: 2009/08/12

TLG’s Josh Clark Takes it to the Boards

Tea Leaf Green guitarist Josh Clark has posted a public message to his fans via the TLG message boards. In his statement, the guitarist discusses the state of his band and scolds a group of fans for posting negative comments about new bassist Reed Mathis. Below is Clarks complete statement:

While we appreciate and thank you for giving us the oppurtunity to share our art with you and complete the creative circle, I feel it necessary now to remind you of the amount of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice that goes into being in a grassroots band like this one. The reward is not mansions, lambourghinis and caviar, its the pleasure of making great music exclusively. The demands of constant touring are not easy to survive under and its your support that makes life on the road bearable.
Having said that I would like to address the current discussions going on here regarding our very own Reed Mathis. First of all he is Tea Leaf Greens Bassist. This constant stream of petty criticisms and comparisons is juvenile and embarrassing. Ben left the band. We want to keep playing, let this forever be the light above the door if you want to go with him.
_Tea Leaf Green is Reed Mathis, Josh Clark, Trevor Garrod and Scotty Rager.
Reed has bent over backwards to assimilate his sound and styles into tea leaf green music and for the better if you ask me. You want the funk, go see parliment. You want sparkling harmonies go check out the fleet foxes. you want to rock the fuck out stay right here, but figure it out and let us work._
This is not an overnight process. When Tea Leaf Formed Ben had been playing the bass for less than a year, I the guitar for three, Scotty on the kit for four, and Trevor had just begun to explore his songwriting talents. Fortunately we had great fans with patience to allow us to develop individually and collectively, simultaneously granting their support. Here I ask you of this again.
I know this is a public forum, but this is also our house. show some respect. Dont shit where you eat.
Reed has been changing his life completely and putting up a great deal of sacrifice to help make Tea Leaf Green the best band in the land. He’s here to stay and I expect him to be welcomed as one of four and kindly at that.
Don’t be Hatefull, Be Gratefull.
Josh Clark_

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