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Published: 2009/08/21

Double Keller at The Mish

Over the next two nights, Keller Williams will dig in for a two night stand at the Mishawaka Amphitheatre in Bellvue, CO. The Friday show will be a solo performance, while on Saturday he will appear with Keith Moseley, Gibb Droll and Jeff Sipe. Williams has a longstanding relationship with the venue, as he has written in his blog about the ‘roadside paradise,’ recalling an early encounter with the String Cheese Incident: ‘I have pictures as evidence of the first time I ever went to this one of a kind venue. It was 95 or 96 and String Cheese was playing an afternoon set with little speakers on tripods complete with goats and dogs wandering around the 17 people in attendance. Once you get in to the venue and hear the river rushing by and see the canyon walls while absorbing the musical spell that I shall be placing upon your loving souls, you will know that you are in the right place at the right time.’

As for this weekend’s performances, Williams also notes, ‘The two shows will be entirely different. Obviously there will be different set lists but we are going as far as possible to mix up the two shows. Friday night will be my solo show complete with the looping dance vibe peppered in with solo acoustic originals and covers. Saturday night I will be joined on stage for 2 sets by the greatest band in the world. Keith Moseley the super cool, super handsome, in the pocket, supremo riotous brother man on bass, Gibb Droll the levitating, magical genius, mind bending, face melter on guitar. And Jeff Sipe, the best drummer in the world. Period. The feeling I get while playing with this band is like no other I’ve experienced in my time of playing music. I’m truly excited for this weekend and hope to see you there.’
Keller Williams’ latest release is ODD.

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