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Published: 2010/07/23

Best of Camp Bisco: Attack of the Puppy Beast

Jon Gutwillig, Camp Bisco – photo by Chris Paul

The Disco Biscuits wrapped up their 9th Camp Bisco event last weekend in Mariaville, NY (for a look at some videos from the fest be sure to check out this collection posted to our blog, The Loop). The music is available for download and the band is making a special offer to folks who purchase bundled music from the event. “Attack of the Puppy Beast” is a Best of Camp Bisco collection that the band is assembling from Camp Biscos 1-9, and will be available next week.

Meanwhile, the group’s Aron Magner has this to say about the weekend: “Camp Bisco is always that special time of year. It’s magical… like watching a unicorn fucking a manatee. I look forward to it with the anticipation of a child about to go to Disney World for the first time. Now I am home, about to enjoy a much needed rest, reminiscing over the weekend, looking at pics, and listening to parts of the sets. I am immediately taken back to the initial excitement of the first few notes of House Dog, the 30 foot flames played as a musical instrument from the PEX crew, the top-notch music from nearly every single artist at Camp, or the moment that the lasers dropped at the beginning of the Morph jam. Sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads!

“Johnny Goode really stepped it up last weekend to once again amaze all of us with his forward thinking in how the Biscuits present our light show. Big ups to JRG! Big ups to MCP Presents and every staff, crew, and production personnel on Camp 9. Our three-day event takes months of planning and crazy hours of work for everyone involved. Thank you all. But the biggest thank you goes out to all of you, our loyal, rabid, and adoring fans, whose constant support lets us do our thing year after year. Driving my golf cart around or hanging in the late night dance tents, I met so many of you who were as excited as I was with Camp. Some of you shared your favorite moments, others recommended ways to make it even better next year, and some just offered up some amazing homemade chocolate-covered bacon.”

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