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Published: 2010/08/21

Joan Osborne, Jimmy Herring, Steve Gorman and Audley Freed To Collaborate

A new interview with Joan Osborne reveals an intriguing collaboration on the horizon. The story by Relix contributor Chad Berndtson indicates that she is working on a project with Jimmy Herring, Steve Gorman and Audley Freed. No other details were provided in the piece on this collective although Osborne does reflect on her time with the Dead and Phil Lesh & Friends. “I was learning new songs every day, and able to see that whole phenomenon from a very privileged position,” she said. “It’s a very unique phenomenon in American music, and there were a lot of bands that have followed in their footsteps. I always wondered whether I’d be accepted, but you find out from the fans that their attitude is, whoever is helping bring that music back to them is something they’re usually happy about.”

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