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Published: 2010/10/18

Gus Vigo to Play Final Show with Juggling Suns

Juggling Suns keyboardist Gus Vigo will leave the band he co-founded after 15 years. His final show with the band will take place at New Hope, PA’s Triumph Brewery this Friday, October 22. Former Roy Hobbs Agenda/Breadbox Band member Jordan Simms, who has played keyboards with the band for the past few months, will continue on as Juggling Sungs sole keyboardist.

A note from the band reads:

After a fifteen year run, it is with heavy souls & many fond memories that Juggling Suns will soon be saying a heartfelt farewell to a dear member of our musical family. Gus Vigo, one of the founding members of the band and an invaluable contributor to the Juggling Suns’ sound for well over a decade, will be handing over the keys as he embarks on the next leg of this adventure we call life, moving with his family to North Carolina. Here we want to share with you a very personal message from Gus himself:

To my family, friends, friends of friends, extended family, friends of extended family, family of extended family, intergalactic unknowns, and pets of the aforementioned:

There are times in life when one must make difficult decisions. Decision which deeply impact the future of both ourselves, and our respective families. This is one of those times…

Fifteen years ago was born a band called Juggling Suns. Two founding members of Juggling Suns are still active members, as of today. The fifteen-year road has been nothing short of an amazing experience for me. From Tucson to Tahoe, from Tuscaloosa to Terra Alta, from Toronto to Tokyo…(ok, well, maybe not Toronto…) all of it has been nothing short of an unforgettable, amazing, soul-filling, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Working with Mark all these years has been an experience I will never, ever forget. How can I, really, when for so long it has been such a large part of my life, musically and otherwise? It has always been, and always will be, an honor and deep-hearted pleasure to make ‘em groove, and spiritually uplift and inspire, as we have together, for the past fifteen years…I will miss you, for now, my dear brother….I don’t want to think of it as goodbye, but more of let’s play connect the dots for a southern swing in the future…until i see you again…

Over this time, I have met an innumerable amount of people along the way. So many of you, from random meetings on random occasions in a random Schwagtown, USA, to those that have been in the Juggling family for years, I thank you all for being such an important part of my Juggling world. You’ve blessed my life, and filled my soul in so many ways. You are too many, far too many to name, so I won’t even begin, as not to leave anyone out.

The time has come to move on to a different geographical location, yes, but my heart and spirit will always remain in Juggling Suns. Due to personal reasons and more, my family and I are relocating to the southeast, in search of a better, more sustainable lifestyle in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. I hope to find some great musical opportunities in our adventure! To those close to Kate, Lucas, and I, please look us up if you’re ever in the Asheville area! We invite you all out to my last public Juggling Suns show, to be performed at the Triumph Brewery in New Hope, PA on Friday, October 22. At this show, I’ll pass the virtual torch over to my good friend _Jordan Simms, formerly of Roy Hobbs Agenda and Breadbox Band. Jordan has been an integral part of the recent sound of Juggling Suns, in the role of “the other keyboardist” for the past few months, and is well-respected in the jamband scene. Please come out to say goodbye, welcome Jordan into the fold…and continue to support the Suns…the future is bright…
(and Jordan, like I told you when you asked me for one piece of advice before one of your first shows with us, “Don’t f*ck up…”)_

Thank you all…see you soon…

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