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Published: 2010/12/24

Cowboy Junkies to Release Album of Vic Chesnutt Songs

Cowboy Junkies will pay tribute to its former collaborator Vic Chesnutt on the new album Demons Vol. 2. Chesnutt committed suicide on Christmas Day last year. Demons will feature reworked version of several Chesnutt originals.

“The best of Vic’s lyrics takes the listener on a journey filled with unfamiliar signposts, during the ride one is never quite sure where one is,” the band posted on its website. “There are puns, fictional characters, real characters, humorous asides, cries of anger, bouts of self loathing, joy, despair and, sometimes, resolution. Vic keeps the listener slightly off balance at all times, but more often than not, there is a moment in the song where it all falls together in a line or two that strikes deep into the heart of the matter, that crystalline moment that makes one pause and say, ‘now I know where I am, because I’ve been here before.’ Sad Peter Pan is such a song. For the first couple of verses you might not be sure of what is being discussed, although you can’t help but smile at a line like, ‘I’m a reluctant rebel/I just want to be Aaron Neville/with a crown upon my head/and my denim shirt all soaked with sweat.’ But when the last verse is delivered: ‘I’m just pushing the paint around/on advice from your lying mouth/You touched me and then you ran/and left some Sad Peter Pan/all alone and awkward/but a transformation, I swear it will occur.’ That hopeless, empty, lost feeling of The Jilted, the only recourse, the only defence, is that last desperate plea, ‘I’ll change…’ You look around and you know where you are.”

Here’s a look at Demons Vol. 2’s track listing

Wrong Piano
Flirted With You All My Life
See You Around
Betty Lonely
Square Room
West Of Rome
Strange Language
We Hovered With Short Wings
When The Bottom Fell Out

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