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Published: 2011/04/01

Dave Matthews Band Proposes Revenue Sharing Model

With major league baseball season now underway, the Dave Matthews Band has been inspired by the game’s revenue sharing model. DMB is the flagship act of Red Light Management, which now represents over 100 groups. Just as baseball’s approach ensures that teams like the New York Yankees help subsidize the operations of those clubs in less populous areas like the Kansas City Royals, Matthews believes that a similar approach makes sense for the Red Light roster. He explains, “Look at a band like Local Natives. They’re based in Los Angeles, the second largest city in the whole country. We on the other hand, hail from little ol’ Charlottesville. Well I appreciate the way that baseball has evened the playing field. Okay, other than the pitcher’s mound, which is technically a few inches higher but that’s a conversation for another day…Anyhow, we want to apply the revenue share model to Red Light to ensure that L.A. bands do the right thing and give the rest of us out in the boonies, a portion of the income that they generate from touring, t-shirt sales, the whole kielbasa.” When informed that revenue sharing works two ways and that this means DMB would have to give the same percentage of its revenue to the Silver Lake indie rockers, the band’s namesake Matthews chuffed, “Hold on there, that’s not fair at all.”

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