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Published: 2011/04/01

God Street Wine Defines the Word Hiatus

Back in 1999 God Street Wine announced that it would perform three final shows. The band returned for one more gig during the closing month at Wetlands Preserve in 2001 followed by two memorial tributes eight years later, four New York gigs in 2010 and then a Jam Cruise appearance. In early February, the group issued an official statement statement indicating that it would resume the “status of indefinite hiatus.”

Today the group issued a clarification. The band explained on its web site, “We just want to make it clear what may not have been altogether clear last month. We understand how sometimes language can be fuzzy and also how playing eight shows over the past 12 years just might lead some of you to believe that we’re back in business full-time. Sure, we ramped things up with six gigs over the past three years but while that may sound to a lot of you like we’ve become a full-time touring machine, it’s just not the case. This is why we had to issue the first statement explaining that we’re on hiatus. However, we now recognize that many of you don’t own a dictionary or the wherewithal to search for the meaning of a word via ‘Google.’ So, it’s to you people that we now share the official definition, courtesy of Dr. Faber: ‘Hiatus means a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.’ We apologize if the steady pace of gigs led some of you to believe that we might do a show in 2013 or perhaps a two night run in 2014. Of course, Lo and Aaron will probably continue their acoustic duo gigs, which will feature most if not all of us, as happened just after our last official statement but let’s table that discussion for now, as we do not wish to confuse or disorient you.”

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