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Published: 2011/04/29

Max Creek Looks Back to 1971

Dave Reed, John Rider and Bob Gosselin last night- photo by Mark Carlson,

When Max Creek first came together in 1971 the group performed as a trio with guitarist Dave Reed, bass player John Rider and drummer Bob Gosselin. The band expanded the next year with the addition of guitarist Scott Murawski, who was only 15 years old (he left and rejoined a few months later), followed by keyboard player Mark Mercier in 1973. Last night at the Old Well in Simsbury, CT the original line-up took the stage once again, as four songs into the set, Murawski, Mercier and current drummer Scott Allshouse stepped aside as Reed and Gosselin reunited with Rider for “The Wreck of the Old 97.” The history of the band was then retraced as Murawski joined in for “Crystal Clear,” before Mercier returned for “Crawdad Hole.” Allshouse then took the stage once again for “Dead Pipes.”

This evening, Max Creek’s 40th anniversary tour makes its way to New York City’s Sullivan Hall. For more on the development of the group, check out our interview with Scott Murawski.


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bob April 29, 2011, 19:13:23

you’d think that the folks at could at least get a picture of the band to which the article pertains. that is a picture of the RADIATORS and not MAX CREEK

Jay April 29, 2011, 19:17:22

Hey Bob, if you want to be critical at least be right. That’s the original Max Creek trio.

buzzisanidiot April 29, 2011, 22:36:42

haha buzz ur an idiot

JDSept April 30, 2011, 08:38:13

I sure hope the CT show shows up on Live Archive. Too many memories for me to remember. They once did a benefit on some farm in CT for some guy busted for thousands of hits of acid. It was one fee two days I beleive and all the beer you wanted. They had so many kegs buried packed with ice. Also there were all these guys in suits with well shined shoes writing down license plates and taking pictures. Geesh I am old. They remain old musical friends. Mad Murphey’s in Hartford was a favorite spot.

shoe May 2, 2011, 13:53:17

it’s on archive, many tapers in attendance.

Rob Johnson May 10, 2011, 12:08:41

I hate to pile on to poor Bob, but apart from the fact that the pic IS Max Creek, it should be pointed out that the picture in question looks nothing whatsoever like the Radiators at all. If you think anybody on that stage looks anything like any member of the Radiators, you need to see an eye doctor.

BUZZ April 29, 2011, 17:38:41

this is a picture of max creek , the original line up that formed in 1971 and reunited last night , i know this because i was there and took the photo

marzaphigar April 29, 2011, 17:50:17

Ha! Good on ya, Buzzy

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