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Published: 2011/06/17

Al Schnier Talks Vintage Fuzz Pedals and the Summer Sun

Gearheads will likely take interest in a new post by moe. guitarist Al Schnier over on that group’s site. There he talks about some problems he experienced with vintage fuzz pedals used in the heat and humidity this summer. As he explains, “So, the summer heat – those + 90˚ days, are simply not conducive to germanium fuzz tone. When it’s right, it’s like butter. You can clean it up by rolling back your volume. You can making it sound like it’s exploding by turning up to 10. On hot days, it sounds like an anemic, ratty speaker on its last legs.” However, he notes that an onboard cooling system for vintage fuzz pedals is in the works, with more details in his post over at

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