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Published: 2011/07/07

Disco Biscuits Surprise Camp Bisco 10 with New Studio Album

In a recent site interview, Disco Biscuits bassist Marc Brownstein says the members of his band are consciously not hyping their new studio album Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens. The album features road tested material recorded in Philadelphia in late 2010 and mixed by Younger Brother’s Benjamin Vaughan earlier this year. The final version of the album arrived at Camp Bisco yesterday and the band quickly put together the album’s inserts and covers. A limited supply of Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens will be available at Camp Bisco this weekend and the album will officially hit iTunes and early next week. The Disco Biscuits will perform at the festival later today.

Here’s a look at the track listing for the Disco Biscuits’ new album with some notes on when the songs were debuted live

Great Abyss (debuted live 2/4/06)
Spraypaint (debuted live 7/27/02)
Feeling Twisted (debuted live 8/26/10)
Bombs (debuted live 7/16/10)
Neck Romancer (debuted live 8/29/10)
Portal to an Empty Head (debuted live 2/11/07)
Catalyst (debuted live 11/22/09)
We Like to Party (debuted live 10/25/10)
Lunar Pursuit (debuted live 5/16/07)

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