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Published: 2011/08/31

The Game and Chris Brown Sample Guster

In some rather unexpected news, rapper The Game has sampled a large portion of Guster’s “Rocketship” on his new song “Pot of Gold” featuring Chris Brown. The song originally appeared on Guster’s 1997 album Goldfly. On their homepage the band has answered a few humorous questions about the sample:

1.) Does this mean you’ll be performing “Rocketship” at some point in the future but kicking into the “Pot of Gold” chorus with [our drummer] singing Chris Brown’s part?


2.) Will Guster get compensated for granting the license of their song?

Yes, and we’re donating a large chunk of what we get to the Domestic Violence Shelter run by the CrittentonWomen’s Union in Boston, as is our manager Dalton.

3.) How does this make you feel?

I think we feel some flattery and some confusion. The Game’s album just came out a week ago and the video for “Pot of Gold” already has over six million views. Do we feel exploited? Well, we’ve been in this business a long time and it’s not our first time watching “Rocketship” get plucked from us for the glory of others. Isn’t that right, “Clark University Counterpoints?”

Guster will perform at Grand Rapids, MI’s Meijer Gardens Amphitheatre tonight.

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