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Published: 2011/11/07

Crosby & Nash Will Occupy Wall Street

Following the lead of fellow political songwriters like Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie and Tom Morello, David Crosby and Graham Nash will play for Occupy Wall Street protesters tomorrow. Nash and Crosby will play Occupy Wall Street’s New York home base in Zuccotti Park at roughly 3 PM. Crosby and Nash—who have toured and recorded as a duo as of late—are in New York for a performance with Crosby, Stills & Nash tonight.


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Doh November 8, 2011, 09:47:57

Love their music but as public record and his own testimony shows, Crosby blew his fortune up his nose and at one point was living in his car. Now he’s trying to scrape by and has had to sell everything he owns. Sad story, but this is an example of another whiney liberal who is trying to blame someone for his mis-management of funds.

Seth November 8, 2011, 11:39:57

To doh, I don’t recall anyone blaming anyone. Crosby is merely performing for free for people who are keeping social activism alive in an age of complacency.
I think you pretend to not understand this movement. Too many young people have watched as their parents toil away trying to save for a graceful twilight of their lives only to see hard earned savings and investments turn to dust (my mom lost $80,000 plus in Worldcom stock) while CEOs make on average 475 times more than an average worker in their company. The reaction of our “leaders” to Enron, worldcom, and various ponzi schemes is unconscionable. These protesters are people tired of living in a world where injustices like these are allowed to continue. Nothing is more American than free speech and over throwing unjust leaders. I applaud OWS and everyone who supports it, and personally hope that this momentum leads to a new ‘for the people by the people’ political party.

me November 8, 2011, 13:25:10

Seth… Unfortunately, there are to many “I only care about me, everyone else is a screwup” conservatives (ahem, Doh) that have blinders on and can’t see what the underlying reasoning of the OWS movement is about. To be fair, just as OWS has a good underlying point, the tea party has a good point (stop overspending), both groups have elements that distort the underlying message… it’s really not much different than the government, whether we discuss the left or the right… too many people from all walks of life think they’re right, everyone else is wrong, and can’t find middle ground… respect, tolerance and consideration for others is in short supply these days

Doh November 8, 2011, 16:31:11

Touche to both of you. Good points were made in each of your replies. As disgraceful as it is for what some of the bank CEO’s have done, investing is a GAMBLE. Again, I think it’s repulsive what some of these jerk-off’s have done, but to lump all corporate CEO’s as “crooks” isn’t right either. Capitalism is why we are the most prosperous civilization in the history of mankind. If the OWS movement eventually gets what they want (ending capitalism), you’ll see the greatness of our country vanish and we’ll be a third world country within 50 years.

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