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Published: 2012/01/05

DMB Members In Seattle Working On New Album

Steve Lillywhite

It appears the members of Dave Matthews Band are working on a new studio album with producer Steve Lillywhite. The New York-based Lillywhite tweeted details about a flight to Matthews’ Seattle hometown yesterday, while—just hours later—bassist Stefan Lessard tweeted a photo of a plane’s wing. To add to the speculation, trumpeter Rashawn Ross reportedly purchased some new gear at a Portland, OR music shop, where he told store employees that he was “on his way into the studio for the next two months to work on the next Dave Matthews Band album,” according to the store’s facebook page.

At New York’s Dave Matthews Band Caravan at Randall’s Island in September Matthews hinted at a new album when he said “next time we see each other I hope to have some new songs.” This will be the first studio project for the band since the passing of founding member LeRoi Moore, who died while recording 2009’s Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Lillywhite last worked with DMB on the aborted Lillywhite Sessions in 2000, and more recently with fellow Red Light artist Phish on their 2009 album Joy. has set up a forum where you can keep tabs on the rumors as they unfold.


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Great news January 5, 2012, 14:04:20

Not to mention, he also produced Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, Before These Crowded Streets and Billy Breathes. Hopefully something great comes out of these sessions.

Charles January 5, 2012, 17:36:21

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers.

Panic Man January 6, 2012, 18:28:18

All I can say is Randall’s Island was one of the most pitiful thing I have seen and I hope the band can find the energy again because they really seemed to be phoning it in.
Lets hope Lillywhite can revitalize that jazz-pop sole that made the band not the rock-pop feel they have been resting on with Tim “fuzzing/distorting” up the band’s sound

Michelle January 10, 2012, 14:14:51

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justbeats January 12, 2012, 22:10:15

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Manny Lomas January 13, 2012, 13:37:03

DMB is girl masturbation music for women…him and Trey should form a band called the ‘Goofy-Assclowns’

Charles Brown January 14, 2012, 10:56:41

The worst of the worst. what a shitty yuppie band.

Mishell January 18, 2012, 15:10:58

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Murphy January 23, 2012, 03:07:17

Anyone know that one song? I think it’s by DMB but I forget that name of it…

MACDADDY February 7, 2012, 12:06:52

You “Jam-Band” guys (and girls) are just way too cool to listen to DMB... “Worst of the worst what a shitty yuppie band”? Seriously… makes you sound ignorant. You may not care for them, but there is no denying the musicianship. Makes you sound like those people who say “I liked them back when” or “I like their old stuff” get over yourself.

Louie April 3, 2012, 16:01:37

for sure, MACDADDY. I love the band, have bought all of their albums…but i will admit that my interest has waned in the last six years or so. To be honest, what bothers me the most is that people seem to equate the band with the band’s “fans”, which i’ll admit, can be kind of annoying at times. But for pete’s sake, DMB is a jam band, so you’re gonna get some…creative types and uhhh.d-bags…at the concerts. There is no doubt that the musicianship in the band is astronomical and their arrangements are spot-on, tight, and creative. I still look forward to their studio albums every couple of years.

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