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Published: 2012/01/27

2nd Annual John Hartford Memorial Festival Sets Lineup

The second annual John Hartford Memorial Festival will take place at Bean Blossom, IN’s Bill Monroe Memorial Park and Campground from May 31-June 2. The annual celebration of steamboat captain/fiddler/banjo player/songwriter/Grammy-winner/artist and author John Hartford will feature two nights of Vince Herman & Great American Taxi and Danny Barnes as well as three days of Darol Anger. In addition, the festival will boas Larry Keel & Natural Bridge, Jamie Hartford & Friends, Larry Perkins, Mike Compton, Frank Lee & the Freights, Alligator Wine
The Atomic Duo, The Barefoot Movement, Bawn in the Mash and many others. Tickets are only $60 until May 1.


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Yngrid February 14, 2012, 07:09:46

I’m a very rieogilus Roman Catholic. Devout and knowledgeable. America is NOT a Christian country. It is a Masonic country. It was built by Masons. It’s symbols and motto is Masonic. Look at all the old flags of Europe; they all have crosses on them. The American flag has stars; stars are Masonic symbols. The population of America was Christian but the elite were Masons. George Washington was a Mason and so was every officer under him. Liberalism is Masonic. This is a liberal country. Thomas Paine who so much moved and formed the American Revolution wrote a book on Freemasonry even though he was not a member. He was a fellow-traveller. America is NOT a Christian country, never was.

mudbug March 7, 2012, 01:46:46

She was built like a brick shithouse.
Impossible without a mason.

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