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Published: 2012/03/10

The Allman Brothers Band Kick Off Beacon Run With New Covers, Old Favorites

Photos by Dino Perrucci

The Allman Brothers Band kicked off their residency at New York’s Beacon Theater last night. An annual tradition since 1994, this year’s extended New York run celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s landmark 1972 album Eat a Peack(their final with founding guitarist Duane Allman). In a recent interview with Relix/, guitarist Warren Haynes mentioned that the group planned to introduce several new covers and also rework some older favorites throughout their ten-night stand.

The group took the stage to a recorded version of Bill Graham’s speech from the closing of the Fillmore and charged into their debut cover of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s 1959 The Sound of Music classic “My Favorite Things.” Though the band has never played the song live, Duane Allman was working on a John Coltrane-inspired arrangement of the number before his death in 1971 (the original Allman Brothers’ working version of the song can be found on the bootleg The Gatlinburg Tapes). “My Favorite Things” also famously inspired The Allman Brothers Band’s trademark “Dreams.” Current Allman Brothers Band guitarist Derek Trucks also continues to perform Coltrane’s arrangement with his band and has teased the song during a number of Allman Brothers Band concerts.

After “My Favorite Things,” the members of The Allman Brothers Band moved into Dickey Betts’ cherished Eat a Peach number “Blue Sky,” with Gregg Allman handling lead vocals. Despite being one of their most popular songs, The Allman Brothers Band have only played “Blue Sky” a handful of times since parting ways with Betts in 2000.

In his recent interview, Haynes also mentioned that this year’s Beacon shows would feature the band’s first acoustic sets in over a decade. So it was no surprise that the group’s second set opened with the members of the band huddled near the front of the stage for a short acoustic segment. But The Allmans shuffled things once again by opening with their first take on Neil Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done” before moving into “Come On In My Kitchen”—with bassist Oteil Burbridge on banjo—and “Soulshine. The segment wrapped-up with a cover of Jackson Browne’s s “These Days,” a song the band has not performed since 2005. Allman—Jackson Browne’s former roommate—helped with the song’s original arrangement and recorded it for his Laid Back solo album.

The Allman Brothers Band will return to the Beacon this evening.

Here’s a look at last night’s setlist as it appears in our Box Scores section

Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre New York, NY

Set I: My Favorite Things, Blue Sky*, Trouble No More, I Walk On Gilded Splinters, Worried Down With The Blues, Midnight Rider, That’s What Love Will Make You Do, Kind Of Bird

Set II: The Needle and the Damage Done^, Come On In My Kitchen^^, Soulshine^^^, These Days^^^,Black Hearted Woman, Rocking Horse, Same Thing, Jessica

Enc: You Don’t Love Me

Notes: *Gregg on lead vocals
^Acoustic, first time played (Neil Young)
^^Acoustic, Oteil moves to banjo



There are 16 comments associated with this post

Paul March 10, 2012, 15:34:00

I am a long time Brothers fan and have seen them live at least 100 times in 33 years. I will be at the Beacon tonight. The one thing that IRKS me is that they should not be playing Dickey Betts tunes. Especially, Jessica, Blue Sky, Liz Reed.. I know Dickey left on poor terms, but there is so much material they can play and this seems disrespectful to me. Dickey Betts & Great Southern do not play Whipping Post or Aint Wastin time no more.. This practice should Stop!!

pizzle March 10, 2012, 15:41:05

Looks like a real bang up show ! I’m headin’ in on St. Pat’s day. Good 2 see they r showing some effort with new songs & acoustic mini set. I may try my luck on Tuesday so if any ones got an extra send me an e-mail. Peace.

Dickey Schmickey March 10, 2012, 16:00:41

Get over it, Paul. Dickey could have cleaned up his act and stayed in the band. Think of it another way, perhaps they are honoring Dickey’s contributions, which were very significant. Perhaps they are paying him respect by showcasing some of his signature songs, suggesting that they are part of the band’s rich history and shouldn’t be shunned simply because Dickey isn’t playing with them anymore. I don’t feel like the band is “stealing” from him or disrespecting him. Should Roger Waters and David Gilmour now only play songs they wrote themselves or can they perform Pink Floyd classics for fans that want to hear that material? Dickey Betts fans have such a chip on their shoulder when commenting on these articles. Just relax and accept the current world we live in. It’s imperfect, often messy, but it is what it is. I really think your frustration is misguided, should be directed at Dickey for not being able to keep it together (and THAT is why you guys are so salty on here). Yes, other members of ABB had issues too but they weren’t fired because of their inability to function as a member.

BADGE March 10, 2012, 16:28:21

Though Dickey Betts has not been with The ABB for over a decade his songs and history with the band can’t be denied. Only tune The ABB won’t touch is Ramblin Man although that would be cool. The fact that they now perform Blue Sky only indicates how much they love Dickeys most beautiful song.

chris March 11, 2012, 00:59:54

i’m a long time follower of the bro’s.i love dicky!recordings of his past solos still give me the chills.he is still with me with the current allmans and will always be with me but the allmans still rock and continue to do the the things that make dicky’s contributions relevent.but the wheel rolls people!remember dickey and roll with the allmans to the end!!

Thumbz March 11, 2012, 01:19:01

The unfortunate thing here is that such a talented musician such as Dickey Betts could not clean up his act in order to play with one of the most iconic bands ever to grace our ears. They even gave him chance upon chance to play with the band, but lack of brain cells and discipline would not allow him to remember set lists and song chords to the frustration of Butch and Greg. Hence his firing via fax. Ofcourse “his” songs will always be appreciated and played for fans regardless of his current involvement with the band or lack there of. The bottom line, as illustrated on the first night, is that these songs were written when he was a part of the “band – a group working towards a common goal”. Blue Sky and Ramblin Man will always be an Allman Brothers song, whether Dickey wrote it or not. Maybe if he would have been a team player, he could still be up there with the gang rather than at hole in the wall venues.

Mother Earth March 11, 2012, 05:58:42

The Allman brothers really need to start writing some new material. They are turning in to a Bob dylan/van morrison cover band. They are too talented to have their setlist be 75% covers. Gregg is not a prolific songwriter anymore . The 1970’s was his time but it has passed. I really thought they may have 2-3 new songs to introduce to their fans but it does not look like it.

Luis Simal March 11, 2012, 12:45:37

Unfortunately, I agree and have noticed the same. It would be nice to hear some new songs. It seems warren is the creative arm of the band now. It was his idea to do the acoustic songs in the second set this year for the tour. He is obviously talented enough….listen to soulshine. The seem to have more fun doing covers.

That guy March 11, 2012, 17:00:33

Friday night’s set lists is missing Black Hearted Woman.

Paul Burke, Author-Journey Home March 12, 2012, 09:37:13

Relax and have fun – very cool about Favorite Things – looking forward to seeing/hearing the band – excellent musicians playing excellent songs – it’s what it’s all about – I’m listening to Mozart right now. He hasn’t written anything new either! :)

firingline March 18, 2012, 06:33:20

New covers,UGH!!

john March 20, 2012, 13:06:06

this band needs jimmy herring like charlotte 09’ that was their current carnations musical peak

don March 20, 2012, 16:14:13

this is a band of real musicians, thus doing covers is a true test of talent…since seeing the band at piedmont park in 1969, i think i have heard “whipping post “ more than enough…the idea of doing covers like” my favorite things” and other classic rock and jazz tunes makes the experience of going to a show exciting…what new song or cover will they do???? was the direction Duane was moving toward…working with Miles Davis and Jimmy Hendrix…great musicians move on….hearing the band in late 69 in a junior collage cafeteria play from 9 at night until dawn, told me that this was not just a rock nroll band , these people wanted to push the jams into a jazz direction and that my friend takes talent!!!

firingline March 21, 2012, 16:04:23

I don’t doubt the talent don ,very good post by the way. whatever happened to them playing songs like firing line,jelly jelly,get on with your life,nobody knows,7 turns,loaded dice,what’s done is done,temp is a gun. Fu$#Q@g great songs.

Rocky June 11, 2012, 12:18:51

So Dickey Betts was fired from the ABB for being an addict? Hello Pot. There’s a Mr. kettle on line 1 for you. The ABB did Dickey wrong. And that’s the truth.

Brian October 9, 2012, 06:00:14

The band would be able to play more new material, but they fired the most creative person in the band. Dickey Betts’ songs w/ the band the last decade of his tenure were brilliant – Seven Turns, Nobody Knows, Back Where It All Begins… Other than Bruce Springsteen and the guys from Rush, not many other musicians have been around that long and continue to write vital, worthy tunes. I’m sure the Brothers still rock, but Dickey’s input is sorely missing. The fact he tours w/ his band, Great Southern, shows he can still play and function within a band.

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