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Published: 2012/03/31

Gregg Allman Talks Dickey Betts Feud, Duane Allman’s Death and Drug Addictions in New Memoir

As previously reported, Gregg Allman will release his new memoir, My Cross to Bear, on May 1 via William Morrow. In the book, Allman discusses, in his own words, his legacy as one of the Allman Brother’s founding members along with the hardships that have followed the band, including the death of his brother Duane, struggles with drugs and alcohol and the long-lasting feud with former Allman’s guitarist Dickey Betts.

In the Chapter titled, ‘One Way Out’ Allman reveals new details about the Dickey Betts feud to Relix contributor Alan Light:

Where It All Begins was the last studio album we ever did with Dickey, because both his behavior and his playing were becoming more erratic, and issues developed between him and Allen Woody. Basically, Woody was tired of taking Dickey’s shit, and it got pretty ugly between them. Warren, too, had grown weary of Dickey’s subpar playing and the fact that Dickey’s solution was to just crank it up and play even louder. The volume certainly had something to do with his drinking, which he was doing a lot of. At one point, we outlawed any kind of alcohol onstage, since I was sober. Suddenly, he didn’t have anyone to drink and play with, because nobody else in the band drank.”


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Harryboy August 2, 2013, 05:57:40

Dickey has fallen off, question is, how many of you, who keep saying Dickey still “has it” are actual musicans…? i believe dickey was awesome and yes he has slowly diminished as many do, a la Jimmy Page. Gregg has never lost his voice, and even when duane originally formed the band, the only was it was gonna work was with Gregg on vocals. After playing/jamming with the first original lineup, he stood at the door and said “anyone in here who is not gonna be in my band is gonna have to fight there way out!!” Then he said “the only way it can work is with my little Bro” So Gregg may be an ass but this is his band without Duane, and he was also a writer of many of their biggest hits as well. Dickey WAS amazing, Duane was more natural,soulful,, and innovative. and derek trucks is a virtuoso on slide and playing open tunings he is the perfect replacement except when he gets out into that funky earthy shit like he does with the derek trucks band….. RANT OVER

Timmy March 31, 2012, 13:14:01

Two sides to every story Gregg. I don’t know what happened, because I wasn’t there. But I do know that for Gregg to talk about other people’s addictions as being a problem just reeks of hypocrisy. Regardless if he was sober or not, Gregg Allman made many enemies over the years due to his behavior. I guarantee you it was alot more than Allen Woody “taking shit”, and Warren getting sick of his sub par playing that got Dickey axed.

Grey March 31, 2012, 13:48:14

Timmy…We must be reading different articles. In this excerpt he merely states Dickey’s increasingly erratic behavior and playing became too much to deal with. Gregg doesn’t make any judgements of character nor does he claim to be above anyone, let alone Dickey. His book is titled ‘My Cross to Bear’, I’m sure he acknowledges his flaws, mistakes, and regrets along the way. You seem to be reading this with a jaded lens. There are in fact 2 sides to every story…objectivity is the key to clarity.

kip March 31, 2012, 13:52:37

Well said Grey.

jwb March 31, 2012, 16:20:36

Look, I love Dickey Betts and nothing would make me happier than to see some kind of situation where both parties bury the hatchet. But I have to say, I’ve seen Betts’ erratic behavior live and in person. Saw him little over a year ago and he was so drunk and argumentative that he was sloppy and his playing was off. These stories are all over the place. You can love Betts and still own up that he most likely has a serious problem. Having said that his playing even drunk was better than most sober BUT that’s not the issue. He was nowhere nearly as good as when he’s on the money. And when you are playing with Haynes, Truks, and the rest of ABB that doesn’t cut it. Plain and simple.

joe March 31, 2012, 18:56:56

like most trully gifted people he has his demons, but i would rather see Dickey drunk in smalll clube, than the Bros. for 75 bucks playing the same set again.
i love the bros. but im on dickes side.
he wrote so many of the bro.s songs, they still play/
warren is good but he is not Dickey, Trucks maybe one day, i would LOVE to see a sober Dickey teach Trucks a thing or two. last time i saw them they where on lead, and it rockd.

Luke March 31, 2012, 19:13:51

Regardless of what he was doing in that period, Dickey’s playing in the mid 90s was the pinnacle of his abilities and expressiveness.

JBB March 31, 2012, 20:47:57

Agreed..‘95 Dickey was one fire.

ABB March 31, 2012, 21:49:45

Timmy….I hear you ….there are two sides to a story, but this is an autobiography…..Dickey needs to write one….ABB

ABBFAN April 1, 2012, 00:59:44

Warren and Derek are the driving force with ABB, particularly Warren. Having Dickie on board would be great for many of those who’ve never seen him play with the band.
If they could play some one-off special shows, that would be great. But working Dicky in a Warren led ABB seems to be an impossible task. Saw ABB @ The Beacon this past run. Disappointing. Actually wished that Dickie would show to liven things up!

PK April 1, 2012, 09:40:09

“i would rather see Dickey drunk in smalll clube, than the Bros. for 75 bucks playing the same set again. “ That makes no sense, the ABB never plays the same set anymore. In fact the last time they played the same set night after night was when Dickey was still in the band because he couldn’t remember more than a handful of songs at the time.

Scott from Delaware April 1, 2012, 09:52:00

Its truly sad that substance abuse is a disease and what people have lost from their addiction. Some day, hopefully Dickey will come to grips with his and seek help and be successful in being clean. Keep the old friend in your heart and hope for the best. When he comes home… welcome him with open arms. This is just my way of thinking of it and in no way do I push this towards others.

Shaun April 1, 2012, 11:47:52

Calling Gregg a hypocrite is offbase… He’s acknowledged his past problems, and he worked hard to get sober. He’s had to live with the consequences of it all, including health issues. Nowhere in the passage above did Gregg judge Dickey. I’m sure letting him go wasn’t an easy, or happy, decision. Dickey’s problems, which not only included erratic playing by the late 90s, also reportedly included violent behavior toward the band and crew (something Gregg appears to hint at here). His arrests for beating up his wife are a matter of public record, and there is no excuse for that. Sounds to me like he became impossible to deal with and needed serious help. I hope Dickey has gotten that help, and I hope he’s put his demons behind him. But to criticize the current ABB lineup, which was on fire for a number of years (I haven’t had the opportunity to see them in several years now) and put out a stellar album in Hittin’ the Note, is a mistake. The current ABB is an excellent band that’s often full of surprises. Gregg’s been back on top of his game since getting clean: singing, playing and some composing too. His solo album from last year (Low Country Blues) is a total gem.

ruahawk April 1, 2012, 13:31:13

alcohol is a family destroyer…

Angelemerald April 1, 2012, 13:46:41

Both drug abuse and alcohol abuse have plagued the Allman Brothers Band for decades. Everyone was affected and every person’s career was not as it successful as it could have been without drugs. Still, no one has to put up with abuse and if that is the reason why they parted ways, so be it. The band survived these problems more or less and they have put on great shows in the last decade and I am grateful to have seen many of them. Consider yourself lucky if you saw them throughout their career. Few rock bands have such longevity.

sean b April 1, 2012, 16:42:14

We should wait till May and read the book and then everyone can state their opinion. Until then “Jam On” Brothers and Sisters.

Chris C April 1, 2012, 18:05:21

I have been going to ABB show’s for the last 20 yrs, It by no means makes me an expert about what went on with the band behind closed doors, the only people that should comment on it are the people that were there!! I do however have my opinion on there live show’s with and without Dicky, and Woody. First off, one of the best show’s i saw was them at greatwoods in Ma, they made a video of it “live at Greatwoods” and that was with dicky and woody. But by far Warren Haynes carried the band for the last 10+ yrs, Dicky can’t hold a candle to Warren musically. I know this because i saw the Dicky Betts Band too, and he is no lead man, I walked out of the show. And one of my favorite times of the yr is march when they take over the Beacon, which i only missed one yr in 14 yrs, the shows are always different !!!! So don’t comment on things you have no way of knowing!! Let’s all just be thankful that we have been blessed to have the ABB around for as long as they have been, and hopefully for a long time to come!!!! Love all of em!!!!

Blaze C April 1, 2012, 18:09:23

Dickey Betts is an old man that continues to be ravaged by cocaine and alcohol abuse. He once led the reins of the ABB. However, there is no way he keeps pace with Warren and Derek these days! Sad to say, I think we lose Dickey if he continues down his path of destruction. Fans and friends should lay down the denial and help him before we lose a freaking legend. Sad beyond sad!

roger April 1, 2012, 18:19:36

Dickey hasn’t released an album since his ABB departure which says a lot. “Pattern Disruptive” is the last thing he did & it’s great album, but it’s over 20 yrs old. Nothing since. No labels trying to sign him? What does that say? No backing to do it himself? What does that say? Does he not want to record & show himself to be doing good? What does that say? Has he not written anything? Are there no good live tapes for a live album? What does that say? I love ABB & have seen them a number of times including the original 6 and then the original 5 after Duane’s death prior to Chuck Levell & Dickie’s contributions were unquestionably HUGE. Plus, his behavior had to be really bad for them to do something as radical as firing not only an original member of the band but one of their principle writers. What a PR nightmare. It must been extremely bad. I’d love a Dickie Betts solo album. I’d love to hear whatever he has written in the last however many years & I had hoped that some how he could play at the 40th anniversary at the Beacon a few yrs ago. I heard he’d been invited, but refused to come. That’s sad, too. If you believe, pray for Dickie.

Jimmy April 1, 2012, 18:21:03

Wow, I hope there are a lot more details on the feud than this. I mean, he goes from problems between Dickey and Allen Woody to Dickey being out of the band in one paragraph? I hope this is just from an interview and not directly from the book. This is what I thought at first, but then I realized that Alan Light is the co-author,so it is not clear to me. I guess I can understand Greg’s frustration if Dickey was turning up his subpar playing. When Greg was wasted, the band always turned DOWN the volume on HIS subpar playing!

Jimmy April 1, 2012, 18:26:45

Roger, your post is so factually wrong that I’ll let you do your own research. Try again

roger April 1, 2012, 18:38:06

Jimmy, if I’m so wrong, fill in the missing facts. i’d love to know & I’m sure others would, too. I don’t think I’m far off, so I’d love to know what you know.

K8 April 1, 2012, 19:03:39

I loved the ABB of yesteryear, and I love the ABB today! Dickey Betts was awesome in the day, he stepped in like the pro he is when we lost Duane,....and Derek and Warren rock the house today with the rest of the band! Bottom line is this is Gregg Allman’s bio, he is telling this story…love him (which I do), or hate him…you can’t take away that he is a genius..musician, vocalist, writer and business man…and most of all he is the “leader” and main decision maker for the Allman Brothers Band, and if he felt Dickey had to go cuz he needed to get it together.. It had to be done! ABBfan4eva

Jimmy April 1, 2012, 19:07:13

Shortly after being booted from the ABB, Dickey toured as the Dickey Betts Band and released ‘‘Lets All Get Together’‘. He then formed a new band, with the recycled band name Great Southern. They have toured, though no one would say extensively. He then released Collectors Volume One, which in my opinion contains a beautiful cover of Tangled Up In Blue and a great Celtic Instrumental called Beyond The Pale. A live album was also released. Dickey is playing shows with Great Southern this spring.
I understand why Dickey was kicked out of the band. If you drink to the point where you beat your wife, you must be impossible to work with. I saw the Abb with Dickey 42 times. The only time he let me down was on the last Beacon run. Maybe others had different experiences. I’ve seen him4 times since the departure and he’s been great each time. There’s been so much bashing of him and his legacy, let’s at least get the facts straight. I’m really hoping Greg’s book clears some of this up for us, as to how bad the in fighting was. And yes, I pray Dickey gets sober and I wish the Abb all the best.

K8 April 1, 2012, 19:26:10

I agree, we need to pray for Dickey that he gets clean & sober! We don’t want to lose another great artist down a path of distruction! ABBfan4eva❤

john April 1, 2012, 19:30:21

I have seen the brothers with Dickey and without,both were great. I saw Dickey last year at a small club in St. Petersburg last year and I have to say that I was let down by Dickey not for his playing but when his son stepped out front and started to take it to church, Dickey turned up and stepped forward and shut his own son down,that was not cool cause his son was in the pocket and I guess Dickey did not like that the crowd was yelling more for his son then for him, I was at the stage and saw it all go down,as they left the stage, I yelled at his son keep on jammin and threw my Pink Floyd hat at him and he looked at it came down to the stage where I was and said great band here is your hat I ask for a autograph and he told me to wait a few and come to the bus where he gave me a signed CD of Great Southern with him on it the boy has class unlike Dickey,to shut down your own son,it has to be the booze and drugs…I hope.he gets the help he needs and get back to the ABB where he belongs,he sure took up for Gregg as he nodded on the keyboards when I saw them 20 years ago,just keep it real and the music playing…......Peace

roger April 1, 2012, 19:31:10

wow. thanks, Jimmy. i’ll look into those Dickie releases. that’s great to know. i’d heard no talk re: any of those releases & read one interview w/him where he said it was so expensive to record when asked why he didn’t have something out, so i assumed that meant since “pattern disruptive.” yes, i know what assuming does to you. on his site at the time there was nothing but the Great Southern albums from the 70’s. btw. from the ABB site, the live release from “72 from the macon coliseum is great. Dickie is simply incredible.

Jimmy April 1, 2012, 19:41:14

Roger, my apologies for being harsh.Hope you track those down and enjoy them. You’re obviously a great fan of Dickies, and I think you will!

jwb April 2, 2012, 08:47:56

Just because some posts here mention Dickey’s ups and downs and substance problems doesn’t mean we are downing him. I would love to see him back to his former glory. But if you care for someone you level with them. It’s obvious he has a problem he hasn’t come to grips with. When I saw him last a little over a year ago, he was very drunk and sloppy. I got a chance to talk later that night with a musician on the same bill that has crossed paths with him several times. This person shall remain nameless. He had not axe to grind and was far removed from either camp ABB or Dickey. He said he was unreliable. Some nights ok, others a disaster. Never knew which Dickey you were going to get.

T Smyth April 2, 2012, 11:42:42

why do we have to live in a time where bands must have an infinite lifespan.
How do we know that the reason d. betts has such a hard time is that he has never gotten over the death of duane. pray? i know a guy? i saw a show?
hold on i hear duane now….....and he said F*&K O**

carolinaphil April 2, 2012, 16:26:17

Thanks Gregg, You are one of my heros whom has help led me by example of new life free from alcohol. Still here a few war stories from Manatee/Sarasota about our brother and things are about the same. Looking forward to your book and Wanee. “carolinaphil”

K8 April 2, 2012, 20:37:10

Wow, that was quite a story John, about Dickey & his son in St Pete. I really want believe it was the booze & drugs…that’s the way my ex was with our son when our son would out shadow him playn’. Dickey grew up as a “Brother”..I hope he gets it together so he doesn’t just lose the band he played for years with but also, and so much worst lose the love and respect of his son!

LP April 2, 2012, 21:26:39

I was at the 2nd show in NYC Gregg forgot most of the words and looked out of it. I think Gregg still has a substance problem so how is it different than Dickey? Hurt his back more like give me some oxy, drug use is drug use. Get some help brother.

Duane Daily April 3, 2012, 17:15:21

I’ve read the pre-release of Gregg Allman’s My Cross To Bear and find it to be a very open telling of most of the stories an Allman fan would want to hear.
Gregg states that he, Butch and Jaimoe came to the decision to have a different guitar player fill in for a year while Dickey got help with his substance issues. Gregg insists that they did not fire him and that it was Jaimoe (who had been fired by Dickey in the 80s) that said the only way out of the ABB was to quit or die. So the band held Dickey’s place but Dickey went to battle, sued the band and an arbitrator helped them come to a settlement. It was after that that Jaimo said “Well, I guess Dickey quit.” Gregg goes on to say that life in the band has been so much more enjoyable without Dickey. My website, has a review of the book and will have more in the coming days.

Chuck April 3, 2012, 18:48:26

Joe Said = “i would LOVE to see a sober Dickey teach Trucks a thing or two.” Derek Trucks slide work with ABB is absolutely jaw dropping. I personally think he holds back a little not to show up any other band members. He’s on a whole different level when it comes to expressing himself through his SG. All of the great ones have an instantly recognizable sound, Hendrix, SRV, Santana, Page. Trucks has his sound. Nothing in Dickey Betts in the last ten years shows he can even handle the leads of ABB tunes. It’s like he’s “Bad Blake” in Crazy Heart, and it’s more than a little sad.

blackey April 5, 2012, 15:46:01

Been an ABB fan since seeing them in 1970! The original lineup was the best. Everybody in the band was young, full of energy & on good dope! The set list each year was more or less the same each night but Duane, Dickey & Oakley played like jazz players. Within a basic structure of each song, they just did what they wanted. If you heard Liz Reed three nights in a row, the solos were always different. But even back then we would hear “Dickey is his own man. He doesn’t take any shit off anybody including Duane”. After Duane died, I think Gregg wanted Oakley to take over. Gregg make it clear just because his name was Allman, don’t look at me! Butch Trucks said that Dickey “just took over & by the time we got to Brothers & Sisters, it was really The Dickey Betts Band” & “Dickey ran the band like a dictator & really threw fits when the vote occasionally didn’t go his way”. Also back then Butch said” We can’t depend on Gregg for anything”. And that Gregg wouldn’t even show for their latest recording Win, Loose or Draw & they had to ship the tapes out to L. A. where he was hold up with Cher so he could add his vocals & organ parts. Then Gregg testified against an ABB roadie in a federal drug case & the rest of the band quit & claimed they would never work with him again. But at a ball for the new president Jimmy Carter, Dickey ran into Gregg there & they worked things out. Butch was not that interested but Dickey talked him into doing it & Jaimoe left SeaLevel to join, but Chuck Leavell & Lamar Williams passed so Dickey brought in Dan Toler & Rook Goldflies from Great Southern. In 1980, Dickey became irritated with Jaimoe due to back problems & missing gigs & only showing for three tracks on Reach For the Sky, so Dickey convinced Gregg & Butch to sack Jaimoe. But in 1982, Dickey decided after slow ticket & album sales to make a country album which never got released & wasn’t interested in working with Gregg & Dan Toler for the time being, so they put together the Gregg Allman Band & the ABB was shelved. Not really a break up but just put on the back burner. Gregg was often too drunk or stoned to play & sing well. But to Gregg’s credit, he admitted to sub-par play & mumbling the words to songs. The ABB played a couple of gigs in 1986 w/ Dan Toler & they brought back Jaimoe. Gregg & Dickey toured together that year also, then in 1989 in support of the Dreams box set & an invitation from Sony records, they decided to reform & this time Dickey choose Warren Haynes as his partner & Allen Woody auditioned. The ABB was really hot & creative & came very close to the original lineup but Dickey’s drinking got out of control & after getting arrested in 1993 for punching a police office who was called by his wife, Dickey left the band to get help. When he returned, I thought the band was back on track. The 1994 tour was hot & Dickey admitted to the press that he went on a 2 year drunk but got that behind him. By 1996 I was hearing rumors that Dickey was back drinking a lot & on cocaine again plus pulled a knife on Allen Woody which resulted in he & Warren leaving the band. Warren’s replacement Jack Pearson left two years later due to clashes with Dickey & was replaced by Derek Trucks. Again the band bounced back and the 1999 tour was excellent w/ Dickey playing (according to Butch Truck also) the best he had played in years & was very inspired by Derek. But the next year (2000), Dickey is said to have gotten mean with the rest of the band with one rumor (which I doubt) he punched Butch Trucks in the nose. Butch then decided to quit the band but found out from his wife that Gregg was also leaving and that is when they called Jaimoe & Jaimoe rejected their idea to vote Dickey out even though HE had been voted out in 1980. So Dickey was asked to take the summer off & they would meet with him in the fall. But it was handled all wrong for a man like Dickey. They faxed him the info & refused to speak w/ him on the phone. Gregg actually hung up on him. So Dickey hired a lawyer & took them to court & wanted to be paid for his contributions for the band which he won in arbitration & feeling Jimmy Herring was impersonating him, especially when they played Dickey’s songs. It is a sad state of affairs. The ABB may be better off NOW without Dickey. But his absence & sound really left a hole in the band’s spirit & feel that went back to the first concert they did in 1969! It is the same thing if Keith Richards was voted out of the Rolling Stones! For better or worse, the Stones just wouldn’t be the same ever again! Dickey’s influence through his unique guitar style & his song writing was a HUGE part of the ABB’s sound, history & success. Todays’ ABB, sometimes if you let yourself go there, as good as they are at times, strikes me as a tribute band. Mostly paying tribute to Duane, Dickey & Oakley & the ABB’s past.

Unitedmadman April 5, 2012, 16:41:12

I saw the Dickey Betts band in Fort Lauderdale a couple years ago. I am a huge ABB fan. This had to be one of the worst shows I have ever seen. His playing was sloppy, he forgot words to most of the songs, and completely butchered Blue sky. We walked out of the show. 90’s Dickey cant be beat, however he is just a cocky drunk now and I dont blame Greg for bringing on Warren and Derrick. I saw ABB play 2 years ago in Chicago with Panic and it was fire. All in all, Dickey’s playing is still one of my favorite styles and the band isnt the same without him. Sadly, I think the best days of the ABB are behind us.

hoop April 8, 2012, 16:53:42

i saw dickey and his band play a few years ago in alabama. from what all of y’all are saying about his shows he must had a rare night when i saw him. he was on fire. the sound was perfect and loud. i left feeling very impressed.

roger April 8, 2012, 23:45:54

i love Dickie, Gregg & ABB. I loved “Laid Back” more than any of Gregg’s other solo albums & Love “Pattern Disruptive” more than any other of Dickie’s solo albums, but thanks to Jimmy, I’m now hip to other Dickie stuff to check out. Thanks, Blackey for the ’80’s-90’s ABB history over view! I knew about some of that, but you seem to have more insider scoop which helps me understand it all. 2 sides to every story & we are dealing w/ people who are VERY human. I always tho’t it was curious that you never heard about Dickie playing on other people’s albums. Wayne plays all over the place. Derek plays w/ his own band & his wife’s band…... But then you don’t hear about Gregg playing on other people’s albums either…... but the studio may be the best place for Dickie to show himself strong. if he had access to a good Pro Tools rig & someone on his “team,” if he has any kind of organization could run it, he could work when he isn’t pressured or insecure or whatever makes him drink. If he put out something as amazing as we know him capable to do, maybe it would garner positive PR & good reviews which could help cause a return to form. but it’s possible that now in his 60’s, the creative juices have slowed down. that’s what usually happens. Only Neil Young consistently puts out new material. even Dylan & McCartney can’t keep pace w/ him, so maybe Dickie doesn’t have as much to say which is difficult for him to process. whatever. I can’t wait to read Gregg’s book.

Pm April 9, 2012, 11:04:11

Dickey Betts must be nuts

sLiDe April 9, 2012, 16:01:12

Iv’e been a professional guitarist musician for 25 years plus and an Allman Brothers fan as long or longer. I witnessed first hand Dickey Betts playing after the AAB asked him to take some time off. I’m not going to rehash what was good and or bad ect. But I did see with my own eyes and hear with my own trained ears bad playing. Also witnnessed a drubbing and drowning out of Derek when they played in New Orleans so much that the volume level difference was almost laughable. You could not even hear Derek…but enough already with the comparisons etc. Obviously Dickey has issues and Derek and Warrens playing should not and can not even be compared to Dickey now…..Derek is is a God in which words alone can’t describe. Warren is the the Beast, the Lion, and the King of the jungle! Play with the the Dead, the Mule and the ABB in the same day no less!! I rest my case…..Dickey is the ABB yes, but his playing has deteriorated to the point where (at times ) it is it is painful to listen. One question sums it up: Has Derek and Warren ever sounded bad to anyone live? Even on their worst night? I think not. Now, to finish up the the trifecta of guitar heros and the guitar player we we should be discusssing is Jimmy Herring. Now that is one class act! Peace out,sLiDe

philip lane April 9, 2012, 16:26:50

i first saw the ABB in april or may of 1969 in piedmont park—the first time they played there and have been a lifelong fan ever since-having seen the original group at least 20 times easily. in my humble opinion the best lineups in order have been: 1, original group w/duane obviously; 2, the 5 man line-up right after duane’s passing; 3. the addition of chuck leavell; 4. the group with allen woody and warren w/ dickie; 5. the current line-up. any others aren’t really worth mentioning. i do admire jack pierson very much though. for my tastes today check out jaimoe’s jazzz band!

Laf April 11, 2012, 14:02:05

first saw ABB in ’74….......have seen them probably 100 times since then… Dickey Betts and all…...............but saw them at the Beacon in March….that band can still flat out bring it…and for someone to say Gregg is still addicted is ASSININE...........he has health issues for sure….....drug addiction is NOT one of the issues!

JP98 April 11, 2012, 19:22:09

I haven’t seen the ABB nearly as much as everyone who has posted here, only 10 or 11 times, and my first show was in ’94 with the Dickey, Warren, and Woody lineup, so I completely missed the first few versions of the band (other than recordings – in fact, I think the first 3 or 4 lineups were before I was born). They were never a huge priority for me, but I got to one of the Orpheum shows in Boston this winter, my first ABB show in a few years, and despite Gregg being kind of frail and not on top of his game I was totally blown away by the show. This, the longest-lived version of ABB, is clearly Warren and Derek’s band and they are at the height of their powers. Obviously it would have been best if the relationship between Dickey and the band had never deteriorated, and I really hope he can get sober, but even if he does I think it’s just too late for him to ever come back to the band.

Grey April 11, 2012, 21:12:40

how sick was allen woody’s solo on Elizabeth Reed from the 2nd Set disc? Both those albums kick ass!

Southbound Stan April 11, 2012, 22:59:45

I am a musician and have been playing ABB material for over 25 years. I spent countless hours as a kid learning Dickey parts and solos note for note. ABB is by far my favorite band. It is sad to see a family fall apart. One can only hope that things get patched up. But guys, I simply refuse to take sides. I love the different versions of the band and have ultimate respect for all the players who have been part of the Allmans family. I do hope that Dickey comes back. I am sure the current lineup would respect his place if they could work things out. But, who are we to judge and take sides when we were not there! I have had similar issues in my own band and can totally understand how issues can break a person’s spirit. God bless the ABB! Ps. Those ABB fans who live in the Milwaukee/Chicago area, please drop by Shank Hall on Milwaukee’s eastside on April 20th for my band – Southbound- Annual Tribute to the Allmans. We are featuring ABB music all night with “Brothers and Sisters” as this years featured album. Special Guest, the incredible, international performer, and Fender clincian, Greg Koch is playing with us! Just google Southbound Milwaukee if you’re interested. Peace!

Brad April 12, 2012, 12:28:28

Dickey Betts sounds like shit on the guitar. In the early 70’s the harmony guitar stuff was easy so he could handle that and rhythm. He cannot play a blues solo to save his life. Not even a 4 bar break. His well has ran dry and he has lost whatever he did have. He sounds like a hack. Period. If it’s drugs and alcohol, God help him.

Patrick April 13, 2012, 12:41:51

Glad to read what everyone has to say about the current state of ABB.....mostly positive. As for the Dickey Betts issue all I have heard musically is an Instant-Live cd from 2004 and his playing is
so off on this live set that I was truly shocked when I heard it.Maybe it was just a bad night but I wouldn’t want it released if I were the artist.
Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love his playing in the original ABB 1969-1971 and we all know he took the bull by the horns and kept the brothers together after we lost Duane.I really hope he can get himself together some day

jq April 14, 2012, 17:56:40

I like how GA uses “we” this, “we” that, as if the band is a consensus deciding against against DB. What a joke; should be “I” this and “I” that since GA alone makes the decisions. He has always had a hair across his azz about DB. I’m sure Duane and Dickey hit it off, and with Duane gone, GA just saw less and less of a need to have DB around. The Trucks’, and Haynes to a lesser degree IMO, are fine musicians, but DB has that THING that only the best have: Haynes does not have it, and Derek has some of it, but he does not respond to his environment—too absorbed in his fretboard and not in the energy surrounding, interplay, the ability to make eye contact with others WHILE soloing etc.—like Duane, DB, Eric, Albert King, SRV, Mick Taylor, etc. who are/were able to look in others’ eyes as they play, or put their head back and FEEL where they are going…players who do that and pull it off with feeling, not just showmanship, are the best. Haynes and Derek just are not in that class, and no one should expect them to be. But DB is. GA doesn’t get it, but if you have hung around brothers, and in a band, you know that the allegiance and connection is really only unto them. Everyone else is expendable. I think when Duane died, GA just didn’t want to deal with someone with the intensity and talent of DB. People with that kind of talent are generally a P.I.T.A., and GA probably said F this. It’s too bad for us though…given that GA and DB together are such an intense duo. Just a shame one can’t see the forest through the trees.

johndavid April 17, 2012, 23:16:12

The Allman Brothers Band have been the soundtrack of my life in good times and bad. Seen the ABB band at least l7 times (mostly with Dickey but also without), Gregg solo at least 7 times, and Dickey solo at least 8 times. Got to set y’all straight. Betts never lost it. He’s absolutely as amazing as he ever was. His son, Duane, is also kickin. Betts is also one of the most personable members of ABB. Had the opportunity to talk with him after several shows and he’s signed several autographs for me. Story I’ve heard is that Butch was most responsible for pushing him out of the band to make way for Derek. Could be true. Betts signed a photo of the ABB just after the break up across Trucks face. Gregg’s voice is as amazing as ever. Great blues artists just get better. I believe he’s got the greatest blues voice ever. I wish the break up had never occurred. I wish the ABB would still get back together. It’s never too late. But the road does go on forever and now we all get to see two great bands. Watching Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks mature has also been incredible. Haynes has got to be one of the most talented musicians out there. Still miss Woody. Trouble believing he had a falling out with Betts since Betts brought him into the band. Ok, so I said my peace. Can’t wait to read what Gregg has to say. Going be a dynamite book. And Betts has a major tour this summer. Going be a great year for ABB fans. May you have blue skies all of your days.

Basma April 22, 2012, 21:51:31

I agree on two beliefs of yours. There are so man ociingrunties in gov’t explanations on the two incidents. Interestingly, these two incidents show how easily the minds of the public can be manipulated by continuous messaging.

Bill April 24, 2012, 11:56:31

Dickey still rocks. Warren and Trucks are ok, but it will be a long day, before they can even lick the bottom of his boats. Long live Dickey Betts!

Bill April 24, 2012, 11:56:34

Dickey still rocks. Warren and Trucks are ok, but it will be a long day, before they can even lick the bottom of his boats. Long live Dickey Betts!

Jay Shelton April 29, 2012, 00:04:01

I was at the next to last show that they paled with Dicky. It was in Paso Robles, CA. Dicky had to leave the show after three tunes, due to a kidney stone (this was later reported to be a lie to cover up the fact that he was too drunk to play). Apparently, the same thing happened the next gig and the boys had had enough. So, I can see where Greg was frustrated, but I have not really enjoyed an Allman Bros. show since Bettes was ejected. And his own gigs have been pretty tight.

lilly May 5, 2012, 15:55:30

Greg doe’s have a very big ego, if you read the book, talks about going home with cher the second date, and says she cant sing, just cause you think it, you dont have to say it, he did not have to be so rude, some things are just kept in trust, not even told in a book.

Two sides May 5, 2012, 22:07:52

cher can’t sing, toy Caldwell was the only member of Marshal Tucker with any talent, Grateful Dead a bunch of jerks etc . he was even critical of his own brother. he was wild and out of control. He loves Jamoe but talks very little about him. Butch Trucks very nervous guy, had to talk him into performing. he even admits Dickey saved his brothers life in an overdose crisis. The devil saves my brothers life, I would give him his due. Dickey was thrown into a leadership role of an out of control outfit. I would be a little pissed. The great Mr Allman gets sober or dies. I (Greg Allman) ain’t putting up with you doing what I did for years. If six wives couldn’t get along with him how can Dickey. How much stock do you put into someone that shot themselves in the foot ?

Dick May 7, 2012, 16:56:20

I finished the book. Like everything that has come out of Gregg’s mouth of the years, it should be taken with a grain of salt…..some of it true/accurate, probably a good portion-some not so much…...most people seem to feel that Dickey has a substance abuse problem and his performance (then and now) reflect it. Most fans would agree that the band could not have gone on with Dickey in the condition he was (and is). The part that Gregg does not cover in great enough detail (in my opinion) is how Dickey carried him through the 90’s when he was suffering from the exact same illness. Warren really developed later on, but in the 90’s-the shows I saw-maybe 20 of them, all at the Beacon-Gregg was a non factor for a good portion of the time. Dickey really carried the band. Gregg is very fortunate that his name is Allman, and that his bandmates had no choice but to sit around and wait until he felt the time was right to get sober (or in his case, at least stop drinking alcohol). It’s also equally as UNfortunate that Dickey hasn’t gotten the help he needs.

Daniel German May 16, 2012, 17:40:34

One thing overlooked here is the classless way the ABB “suspended” Dickey. Rather than somebody going to his home, putting a hand over his shoulder, thanking Dickey for his enormous contributions to the band, calmly telling Dickey he’s got issues and the ABB cannnot contnue until Dickey cleans up his act and advising he will be for the better if he does, Dickey Betts is just sent a fax that he is suspended. Now this is a study of human nature. That fax simply took Dickey’s dignity away from him. When you take somebody’s dignity away from them, they will do anything to get it back. Dickey fought back with a band divorce and a lawsuit. The ABB is suppose to be a family. When you have a family problem, you don’t handle it with a fax. You handle it with support. Rock’n‘roll is an ugly business with the hours on the road and lawyers ripping you off and time away from your family. The recourse is booze, drugs and anger. This is understanding, although not an acceptable long-term solution. For what Dickey has demonstrated with his contributions to the ABB, he’s got to have some brains. What happened could have been resolved without that provacative fax. The current ABB is a great band, but I wish the guy you delivered “Blue Sky,” “Elizabeth Reed,” “Southbound,” “Jessica,” “Ramblin Man” “High Falls” and “Pegasus” and unleashed those electrifying solos in “Whipping Post,” “One Way Out,” and “Ain’t My Cross to Bear,” was still part of the family.

stormymonday May 23, 2012, 01:22:50

Dickey wrote an original song called “Girl With the Deep Blue Eyes” that I heard him sing live in Falls Church, VA, several years ago. It was a great song, so he has written new stuff for what it’s worth.

Zeus May 23, 2012, 16:23:54

I think it’s been long enough coming that these (2) parted ways for good. I have seen the ABB over (36) times including the last gig with Duane at Stony Brook University and then the concert shorty after his death at the legendary Carnegie Hall. To be perfectly blunt, Duane’s life was cut way too short but following his tragic death, Mr. Dickey Betts stepped up to the plate. I was at the Pier in NYC working for CBS Records when Mr. Greg Allman had to be introduced to the infamous DJ, Mr. Dave Herman. WNEW was the station who broke the Allman Brothers in New York. I
can’t tell you how embarrassing it was. In fact, the opening act was Stevie Ray Vaughn. I even gave Jaco Pastorious $5 bucks. He was sadly pan handling. To me Greg Allman has always been a prolific writer and singer but Dickey wrote all the hits. I even got to meet Dickey Betts @ a Great Southern show, he told me the feud was always about; who was to be the lead member. After Duane’s death, Greg was totally UN-reliable. It’s always a knowledge fact that there we’re a lot of drugs around. I can only say this book reminds me of the book written by Don Felder from the Eagles. Duane’s solo work was another that Greg never seems to mention. He was ever so jealous of those efforts & most disturbed by Eric Clapton and rightly so. The true facts, Mr. Eric Clapton couldn’t hold a candle to Duane’ s playing ability. So, I guess what all ABB fans should remember is. “The whole is equal to the sum of the parts”. Finally, as far as Warren Hayes goes, to me, he’s “whack” and always will be. To echo the sentiments of “this is now and that was then”. Derek Trucks did his home work and his a humble individual. In closing, with regards to my encounter with Dickey first hand, he stayed out of Duane’s way and allowed himself to grow as a player. The rest is history as they say.
“Blue Sky” can not be challenged by anyone. The harmonies, the dual guitar’s and last but not least, Berry Oakley’s soaring bass playing. There will never be a combination like that again. I believe its called, synchronicity. Let’s not forget the legendary engineer who recorded all of them, Mr. Tom Dowd. God Bless Duane, Berry and Mr. Tom Dowd. My final word on Greg Allman, go drop your head in another bowl of spaghetti. Dude, your ego far exceeds your talent. Jimmy Smith who?

Daniel Geman June 6, 2012, 16:52:02

Did anybody see Gregg on Good Morning America a couple of weeks ago? He was really burned out. He simply could not give clear answers to simple questions and left the reporters to pretty much fill in the gaps. The most thought out thing he said was describing his upcoming marriage to the 24-year-old as his first marriage because its the real thing this time. He could not enunciate anything about music. The only thing I have ever seen worse was watching Peter Green on stage while I was living in London. He managed to say one thing to the audience the whole set and left it to his sideband people to do the talking.

BIGDADDY June 10, 2012, 20:19:23

I saw Dickey play yesterday w great Southern, and they were great. They started w “Les Brers in A Minor” and even did some of Mountain Jam.” He still has it, no doubt, and he seems to want to make his contribution to ABB clear. It was a great show. And he had a beer on stage w him.

the king June 13, 2012, 12:36:08

Check out a (farily) recent YouTube posting of Dickey being interviewed in his home. It’s a little sad, frankly. At one point, he gets up and pours himself a whopper of a glass of Rose wine or something akin to that. Like Greg Allman in recent interviews, these guys seem to have a lot of trouble merely forming lucid sentences. When you’re pushing 70, you just can’t drink and drug like this anymore. Recent interviews with Allman on Howard Stern and a Deep Tracks special on Satellie were interesting, but man you’ve got to be patient with him. How much of his book does anyone think he actually wrote? Write? Hell, he can hardly talk. But hell. Got to leave these old warriors.

Daniel German June 13, 2012, 13:54:54

In the case of Dickey and Gregg, I don’t think it’s age that is undoing them. Both are younger than Ronald Reagan when that bastard was still out-debating anybody. In 2005, I was living in London and Bo Diddley was peforming at The Forum. He limps on to the stage, parks himself in a chair, straps on the guitar and then tells everybody he is 77 years old. It was 9:15 and I doubted the show would last more than an hour. By 11:15, he was still up there, he had still not played Who Do You Love or Mona and I was out of energy and had to leave. Maybe his legs had given out, but the rest of him was still 24. Read lyrics of I am a Man to understand that one. I went nuts when he played that one. If there was anybody who died in the saddle, it had to be Bo Diddley.

jeff iaconis June 22, 2012, 23:50:57

Living in the past, The Brothers died in 10/1971, Duane was the glue that held the band together. Whenever I listen Whipping Post, Mountain Jam,
In Memory…etc. I close my eyes and listen to Dickie, they to Duane. The interplay between them was the best between two guitarist I have heard..ever. After Duane, the Band carried on with Dickie doing much of the heavy lifting, however, after Barry died, the band’s days as the best band in America passed. I can only imagine what gifts we would have gotten, in the past 40 years. Thinking about all the Players who died way to early, Duane, Jimi, Stevie..etc gets me to thinking what may have been. And to think that Duane was only 24 when he died, even at that young age, he laid down many of the seminal tracks in Rock and Blues history, one can only imagine he lived if even only for a few short more years what gifts we would have. At least we do have his work, and it has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so.

Susanne June 24, 2012, 11:12:42

For those of you who are not sure if DB has some serious issues, watch his interview …

BrothersFan June 25, 2012, 18:50:18

I haven’t read the new book, or all of the other bios of the group. But, Imagine the pressure on Dickey trying to fill that guitar vacuum after Duane’s death. He even learned slide. I guess Dickey was critical to keeping things going after Duane and that Greg was pretty passive. They even added a second keyboardist back then. So which is worse- Greg’s apathy or Dickey’s bullying? Seems they needed a kick in the butt, and it fell to Dickey to provide.

Andy Christian July 10, 2012, 04:27:16

Just saw Dickey Betts and Big Southern at Del Mar/San Diego last week. It was a good concert because of the great material Dickey has written in years past. I had seen Dickey do a live spot on an awards show 5 or so years ago, and the guy seemed pretty burned out, so I was worried that this concert would be sub-par. In all honesty,at times I think his band carried him. It was pretty obvious to me that a few of the tunes were slowed down considerably because, I hate to say this, Betts could not play them at a faster and more fitting tempo. Still a good show and the guy is a legend. Hope Gregg Allman/Allman Bros. tour again. Obviously,Gregg would be the other living legend from that band, and just of worthy of our respect and admiration as Dickey; Another author of numerous rock classics.

Andy Christian July 10, 2012, 04:35:17

Sorry bout that. “Great Southern”.

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Southbound July 28, 2012, 17:30:42

“Dicky can’t hold a candle to Warren musically.”
I think you have lost your mind on that statement!
Dickey Betts has one song that is bigger time than Warren Haynes whole repertoire and I’m a big fan of Warren.I never seen another musician play a 30 minute instrumental and keep the crowd on their feet the whole time.Gregg and Butch wanted to act like they were the Grateful Dead and Dickey knew better.They should stick to the format that was alway worked for them.The alterating setlist they played with Dickey worked good for me.The best line-up I seen with the Allman Brothers was Dickey and Jack Pearson,it sounded closer to the original line-up than they do with Warren and Derek.

Jay July 31, 2012, 22:11:38

To help all of you clear the air ….. I happen to be a close friend of Dickey and his wife . I have never seen Dickey drink more than a glass of wine ! I did say “A” glass . Dickey and Great Southern just returned from a tour of Europe and Spain . Were has Gregg toured lately other than maybe a hospital ? Yes they should bury the hatchett , but I assure you there are two sides to every story . Dickey and Donna are two of the kindest and most influential people I have ever known . Dickey has been man enough to move on and never gives Gregg bad press . That should speak for itself

connie August 15, 2012, 20:56:00

here in parrish lookin for dicky bretts my dead husband louie bell…..southern edition, omg he was a great gutiar player picker. wish i could meet ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,been seein alot of dicky betts on the net but wish i could have met him….........homestyle…in parrish. no strings but his. i play harmonica. i have over 40 i can hear more than most people can play. and i love music. my husband you may have known. he was the southern editon. we still have campfires and it is country ..god bless all of us hugs sorry i never had a chance to meet cha hug

ida tooker August 18, 2012, 13:45:46

I too like Mr.Betts,but his behavior is not good.I remember one night in Saratoga Springs NY when he was arressted for battery of his wife,and he was drunk.Yes Gregg has also made mistakes but owned up to them and has turned his life around.I will always be a Gregg Allman fan and the Allman Bros.,but they had to do what they had to do.

Frank C. August 20, 2012, 15:44:55

I’m a big Dickey fan historically, but I think his playing after the 80s was a shadow of his old self; his inventiveness is gone, he repeats riffs and notes in a lazy way that he never used to do. I’m on Gregg and the band’s side completely. It’s tragic to see Dickey’s decline, and yet miraculous Dickey is still alive. Also, I think the band today, with Derek and Warren, in every way matches the skill of the peak period, Duane-era band. Of course it’s different, no two musicians are alike. But every musician I know who likes the ABB agrees. We have a very special band right now, it’s a shame that some can’t see that.

ChrisF. September 2, 2012, 18:06:18

Some interesting posts here and some biased,missinformed and rather crude ones. I’ve been to well over 60 shows, Abb, Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts solo. I think the most tragic part of the whole break up was the demise of the brotherhood, A real and tangable thing to a true peach head. I saw Gregg so out of it [in the 80’s] he couldn’t sing Need your love so bad [pretty simple lyrics on that tune] and Dickey step in and cover for him to give him a chance to get it togather . Only the band members know the dynamics that led to Dickey being dismissed, but I have a feeling Duane was spinning in his grave that day, his dream of brotherhood shattered along with a lot of fans that did their best to live the brotherhood lifestyle. Warren and Derrek are highly skilled at their craft, but don’t show the spirit, drive and sheer love of playing the way Dickey did and does to this day. [ For those that don’t know, Dickey brought Warren into The ABB via his Dickey Betts ‘‘pattern disruptive’‘ band] Look at Warren onstage now, standing there with barely a foot tapping, then look back at the 1991-92 videos when Dickey and Warren were locked in sonic battle. The biggest let down for me was going to see the ABB in 2001 after Dickey was fired. Third song up was Jessica, I walked out thinking how totally classless to fire a founding member after 35 years and still have the nerve to do his tunes. [Betts has never done whipping post live to my knowlage or any other Gregg Allman penned song] I’ve never been to another Allman ‘‘brothers’‘ show and never will give them another dime. I respect Warren and Derrek’s playing and still think they are a great band, but the founding members sold the brotherhood down the river. On a side note, Gregg claimed Dickeys playing was horrendous on peakin at the beacon, but listen to that album, It was a bad night for the whole band, Greggs voice sounded bad, the tempos dragged, and they where playing material from the first two albums that was done when they where in their 20’s! Not the best set list for guys in their 50’s at the time. I’ve been loyal to Great Southern and catch then every time they are in town and have never heard a bad show. The sound is sometimes not of the quality I’ve come to expect, but that is because of equipment and smaller halls. The playing has been stellar each time and Dickey still ‘‘has it’‘. His two studio albums are very good, the accoustic one is a delight and a true gem. Tangled up in blue is worth the price alone. Say what you will about the man, anyone that wrote such all time classics as Elizabeth Reed, Jessica, Blue sky, Rambling man, along with a host of lesser known, but highly enjoyable tunes only to be tossed aside in the shabby manner he was deserves far better. These days I wear out my first four original line up albums along with a ton of bootlegs and try to remember the days when the brotherhood stood for something.

smile September 15, 2012, 09:23:18

gregg is a jack wagon

yesteryearaudio September 16, 2012, 21:50:52

Can you NOT understand that highly talented people eventually can NOT get along and generate the ‘sound’ that you are so used to hearing? See-Beatles, BBKing, Zepplin, Buddy Holley, Elvis, even the made-in-concrete-Moody Blues—-eventually their individualism over-rules their ability to function in a group because it is like mixing old old oil with water-might seem like it is ok for the moment, but it separates in the end, not because it is ‘bad’ its just because they have learned that their personalities have led them in different directions. Just because we hear them and think ‘they are the best’ doesn’t mean THEY think that-we are consumers, and we hear SUPERB, MIND-BLOWING synchronicity from these guys and WE think it is what THEY think is their ‘best stuff’, but because they are SO f’n talented, they think that ‘I wanna go do my own shit’ ‘cause Im certain that the other guy(‘s) are 1-drunk 2-highon shit 3-whatever, and are never going to be what they once were, so they split—-doesn’t MATTER what the hell WE think, and then the battle begins—its Duannes fault-its Dickeys fault —its Lennons fault-its BB’s fault—etc, etc etc. Just capture what they had at THAT MOMENT IN TIME and cherish it, and SHUT THE HELL UP-its got NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU——thanks for listening—

yesteryearaudio September 16, 2012, 22:13:56 the way, in terms of shear individual talent mixed with a group of outstanding musicians put together to play a song, in the Allman Brothers case, their MOST expressive, MOST revealing, BEST collective music ever put together is ‘Whipping Post’—they ALL put it on the line for this song, and you can even taste it in the back of your throat, and sense it in the dark crevices of your heart…too good to hear and not remember it, and you all wish you could

Frank October 16, 2012, 14:04:47

Anyone that has ever seen an ABB show knows that either guitar player can shine on that particular night. I saw them last year two consecutive nights and one night it was Derek that was amazing the next night Warren took center stage. Point is I think it takes seeing the band with and without Dickey a few times to make a judgement. I’ve seen Dickey be incredible the last time I saw him with the brothers was when Jack Pearson was playing the other lead and the show was amazing. I’ve also seen Dickey since he left the band and he’s been great some nights and not so great others. He does turn up loud and one time he asked the band if they played that song already before they started. Hopefully he gets himself straightened out and back to the amazing guitar player that he was. We are all missing out not seeing him in top form.

Frank October 16, 2012, 14:17:44

Anyone that has ever seen an ABB show knows that either guitar player can shine on that particular night. I saw them last year two consecutive nights and one night it was Derek that was amazing the next night Warren took center stage. Point is I think it takes seeing the band with and without Dickey a few times to make a judgement. I’ve seen Dickey be incredible the last time I saw him with the brothers was when Jack Pearson was playing the other lead and the show was amazing. I’ve also seen Dickey since he left the band and he’s been great some nights and not so great others. He does turn up loud and one time he asked the band if they played that song already before they started. Hopefully he gets himself straightened out and back to the amazing guitar player that he was. We are all missing out not seeing him in top form.

steve October 26, 2012, 19:54:01

i agree with Jays post.. about dickey and his wife ,and that dickey has never given any bad press about greg. also a few years back i saw dickey 3 times in one week, the last was at the stone pony. by that show it was like we were old friends, and even though dickey had a beer , i dont think he took more than 2 sips before giving the bottle to me..which he signed of course…
I have not seen any post here saying that dickey was the only real personality of the band, they are all great at what they do , but dickey just added 100% more to it.finally good ole trash talking greg .. just worry about your own dam self

Thomas Guadalupe November 7, 2012, 15:02:14

I read the book. I’m a vendor at the Suwannee River Music Park. Seen & heard Both the ABB and Dickey Betts Band at the venue. Gregg says he’s a Christian, now is the time to prove it. Knock on Dickey’s door and bring it full circle. Don’t look back… Keep moving forward…

pk61 November 20, 2012, 13:16:15

I’ve seen probably 60-70 ABB shows, probably 1/2 with Dickey. In his day, ans when he was at least kinda sober, Dickey was something else. Just brilliant. But I also saw him reallt f***ed up and sloppy. Same for his band. I know a lot of the guys from both. I love and respect Betts. But he’s got classic “Jekyl/Hyde” thing. Charmingas hell sober, probably still plays great. Jyst the opposite when drinking and coked up. I wish he’d jyst stick to weed and leave he other s**t alone.

TJS December 7, 2012, 17:58:56

As good as Haynes and Trucks most certainly are, it’s not the ABB without Dickey. To hear them play his songs and try to cop the energy he put in to them to a certain extent seems dishonest. I saw Dickey in Gettysburg with Great Southen and the level of emotion in his playing was miles above his son’s or Andy Aledorts. At 67 years of age he really just outshined everyone. The difference was remarkable. I realized I was watching a true guitar master at work. And, in my mind he is. To me, after Duanne passed, Dickey saved that Band. His work on Brothers and Sisters really was a Dickey Betts tour de Force. I at some point realized that a large percentage of the songs that ABB are famous for were penned by Dickey. Not traditional blues arranged by him, written by him. The other songs the band plays are largely traditional blues arranged by the Band. But Dickey wrote some truly masterful songs. the Lone exception would be Melissa, written by Greg. I believe Dickey to be the most under appreciated seminal guitar figure from the 70’s. A true master that seems to never get his due. I loved Duanne too and I’ve learned alot of licks from him. But, I covet Dickie;s tone and his choice of notes I find more appealing. Regardless of whether or not Dickey and Greg bury the hatchet, I always loved the Band for the the incredible guitar play. Some where along the way, Duanne seems to have garnered the lion’s share of the credit there. But, there will never be another player like Dickie. he’s as good as it gets.

ISR December 7, 2012, 23:33:03

Duane would not be proud.

Confederate George December 9, 2012, 23:19:54

To be short and sweet…there is a reason that “Ramblin Man” is ubiquitous.

jackrpropps December 23, 2012, 06:14:18

My 2 cents are this. No one out side the family can assess the functionality of that situation. But FACT the ABB hasnt had a top selling record since Shades of 2 Worlds’ & Peakin at the Beakan’ [Dickies last recordings with them] Both parties have always been good concert draws. But FACT Dickie brought in both resurgances [Enlightened Rouges and Where it all Began] with the players he supplied from Great Southern. In FACT Dickey was catilyst of the commercial success on ‘Brothers and Sisters’ after Duanes passing. And FACT Everytime the Brothers’ have had a recording commercial ‘comeback/breakthrough it was when the original 4 were part of the picture. Now tell me where Im wrong. okiejack country drummer nashville tn.

jsc December 28, 2012, 23:39:14

Without Dickey you can’t call them the Abb, just as if Greg was kicked out. I saw them the first time at the Georgia Jam in 1974, and Greg could not even hold his head up (talk about sloppy). Come on guys lets help Dickey and get on with it!

niel nielsen January 1, 2013, 10:22:47

been a fan since the beginning , in short Betts saved the band more than once and wrote at least half the material that this group makes money on. remember when Allman ratted out the roadies, and by the way saw them at Jones beach , ny last summer , stunkk the place out, Santana stole the show. Allman forgot the words to his own songs, Haynes is 599 pounds, and little trucks is boring. he aint Duane. Dickie may have problems, but he s still the ABB

jsc January 1, 2013, 19:29:54

I remember. The guy’s name was Scooter or something like that. I finally forgave Greg for that. I guess in the end you got to do what you got to do, but I think he would have made out ok if he would have kept quiet (when is the last time Keith Richards spent any time in the pen). But hey, I have not been in that situation. Getting back to the issue I agree. No Dickie, no ABB. You might as well call it the Greg Allman Band. Having said that I can attest the older you get the harder it is to perform while you are buzzing or drunk. I bet Betts will find a happy median, or go sober one or the two cause I bet he wants to get back in the mix with the Brothers.

Adam January 2, 2013, 02:22:14

Can’t believe people are still commenting on this! I’d love to see Dickey-never seen him…. Saw ABB once and gonna prob. see Gregg, but would love to see Dickey too….. I think Dickey had a good point about the Brothers bringing a lot of the blues and Dickey and Berry bringing a lot of the improvisation/psychedelia

Mustang Sally January 10, 2013, 22:07:49

Great Southern Fri 1/11/13 Ridgefield playhouse CT! Can’t wait! 7th row center Orch. My 51st birthday party! This is my umpteenth time seeing Dickey and the band. I’ve seen the best and the worst. Actually only one worst and it was still great. Sloppy drunk, funny as hell. Relaxed, “I don’t give a hoot” southern rock. So what’s your problem? It’s still better than the garbage from the kids today. You Yanks don’t understand southern boys. And that incident with his wife was once. Have you ever had a moment of temporary insanity? Ever have a day where your back is killing you, the kids are screaming, the dog is barking and your spouse is hounding you? What do you feel like doing – throwing something, hitting something, kicking the dog, running away? It’s called stress. A pattern of abuse is a different story. His son, Duane (Gee, where did that name come from?) was young when Dickey started touring with him. He had a LOT of learning to do. Last year I complimented Duane on his amazing transformation. Trying to follow in Dickey’s footsteps requires serious toughness. As for Greg Allman – Two alfa dogs on the same stage just can not work. Dickey tried to carry the band while Greg self destructed. Dickey is just like him. Dickey likes his Jack Daniels. I like Jack Daniels! Every member of Great Southern is excellent – sober or sloppy drunk. The sloppy drunk show I saw was a lot of fun. It gives the audience a chance to participate. It’s the same audience every time anyway. By the way, the show in CT is sold out – again. I was the first to buy tickets. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I guess if Dickey can sell out a CT show he must be doing something right. And Dickey just turned 69!!! What do you want from a SENIOR CITIZEN? Don’t ya think he might be having some bouts of arthritis of something? I saw Greg Allman a few years ago. Not a great show. But Greg is also a legend. And he’s old too. You people seem to be forgetting our rockers are on the other side of the hill. Jimmy Page just turned 69 this week.

Ramblin WoMan January 10, 2013, 23:51:43

This is a ridiculous, crazy thread. Must be the effects of too much peote in the brain! Forget the past & wake up to the present!
The Dickey Betts & Great Southern concert was Awesome yesterday. Dickey was in his prime, both looking and playing great! The whole band was in superbly tight form; would have blown away any first time guest! Actually, I am always blown away seeing Dickey continuously play the way he does; seems not humanly possible…but I guess that’s why he’s the Legend he is!
And the Whole Band is so Perfectly In Since with him…I guess they’ll all be Legends very soon also!!
Anyone who gets the rare opportunity to catch these superb artists on this tour , jump at the chance; you won’t be disappointed!!
P.S. I know the Turning Stone Casino is not the most receptive venue for artists to perform at due to the entertainment staff/management there, and the show was stillSuperb…Imagine how great it would be at amore receptive venue or outdoor event!

Michael C January 14, 2013, 12:57:51

I have been an ABB fan since the begining,saw the original line when they where on fire,even had a chance to become friends with a member over the years,it was a very special time for me,1988 to 2000,to be so close to a member of one my favorite band was truly a blessing,we were the same age both grew up loving the ABB and other bands like The Stones Free,Mountain and so on,but what I am getting to is that I saw Dickey Betts last night and I was hoping to see him making a come back to his playing that can be out of this world when he is at his best.What I saw to me was a band he put together that looked like a casting call to the making of a ABB movie,went to the lobby to maybe buy a shirt,but walked away when I saw a shirt that said Dickey Betts and Great Southern,but had a picture of the ABB original line from the Fillmore below it,on the back of the shirt it said Where it all began,that might be true,but please don’t put don’t put Dickey Betts and Great Southern over a classic picture over a band that meant so much to me,maybe just the Fillmore picture on the front by itself with Back Where it Began on the back would have been more tasteful ,I walked away from the concert feeling Sad for Dickey.

CJK5H February 4, 2013, 19:45:35

The ABB with Dickey were one of my favorite bands in the 1970’s, but Dickey just isn’t the same player anymore. I have seen him three times in the 2000’s. Once he was great, once he was terrible, and once he “cut his finger” and let Duane and Andy take most of the solos. Bottom line: he plays the same licks, but without the same impact. He is choppy and has lost the top 15% of his coordination. But he’s still fun to go and see most of the time.

Mark February 10, 2013, 11:03:59

I also have a problem hearing Gregg chastise Dickey for his drinking. Gregg’s behavior in the history of the band was 10X worse than Dickey’s, but somehow Gregg kept his place in the band and Dickey was fired. Seems to be a double standard. I guess I am of the opinion that even if Dickey’s behavior and playing had gotten bad, so be it, it really was his band. Allen Woody did not like it? Who cares?

G-Man February 10, 2013, 19:24:53

I just finished reading Gregg’s autobiography, and I am a huge fan of him and the Brothers Band. However, while reading throughout I sensed a strange internal conflict between Gregg and Dickey. It was obvious Duane LOVED Dickey which is why their parts were so intimate in the music. I think Gregg was jealous of this and never gave Dickey a break.

ken sauter February 13, 2013, 00:49:02

Just let Gregg be dead. Oh, he’s still alive! Well, he should be dead by now. He’s injested 1,000 times more drugs and alcohol than would kill a herd of horses. More power to him. But he is a dirtbag. No?

ken sauter February 13, 2013, 00:49:07

Just let Gregg be dead. Oh, he’s still alive! Well, he should be dead by now. He’s injested 1,000 times more drugs and alcohol than would kill a herd of horses. More power to him. But he is a dirtbag. No?

Kieran Keegan February 18, 2013, 18:19:16

The reason Dickey left the brothers was – according to the Brothers – due to Dickeys drinking…however, the truth I heard was that Butch Trucks had set up his own record label and the ABB were all dead keen to sign onto it – apart from Dickey. When the Brothers realised they were never going to Dickey to budge on it, they fired him so that they could get their own way. Sorry, Derek Trucks might be a great slide player but he has zero charisma – Dickey Betts is obvious as soon as he plays a couple of notes. HUGE mistake to sack him – they have sucked ever since. They’ve only recorded one album in the 12 years since ditching Dickey and nobody bought it. Speaks volumes

Don McCalister Jr March 1, 2013, 15:05:03

Wow! Lotsa opinions about ABB! I have been listening to them and going to their concerts since 1970. I love the Duane, Dickie, Gregg version of the band. As a professional
musician who toured all over the world, I have seen drugs
& alcohol too. Some players played better drunk on their asses, ( Jesse “Guitar” Taylor) but that didn’t work that way
for me. What I want to say is that the early interplay between
Duane and Dickie, sometimes I couldn’t tell who was who. They became extensions of a single muse. I do believe that Dickie has not gotten his due. His approach added so much
advanced theoretical playing that his influence elevated them
so far above the really great bar band to regions as of yet
unexplored by any other band. Yet the reviews never seemed to give Dickie his due. Always the “what if” . Well, I for one recovering from drugs and alcohol, can understand
Dickie’s emotional state of being mentioned in later sentences than the brothers, and whose contributions overlooked by the press. Maybe if he didn’t feel seen as an
“also ran” he might not need to dull his pain.

chuck miller March 5, 2013, 22:40:18

Oteil Burbridge is the weakest link, not that he is a bad player, he just doesnt have the Barry or Woody sound. Dickey has his ups and downs, just like any other aging superstar in rock & roll. I go see both bands and have good times mostly. Warren and Little trucks get it done, just fix the bottom….

Pat Strat March 12, 2013, 21:36:55

Well,I too am a longtime many of the other posters here.And I can’t believe I’m seeing some people’s opinion that Dickey Betts is a hack.My God,where are your ears?in your arse? Together,he and Duane created the rock twin guitar harmony sound of the ages (along with Powell and Turner from Wishbone Ash)-and like that great English band,there has never been a better version than the first.Yeah Warren and Derek are great pickers.But,as was earlier stated,DB takes it to a higher level-and I agree that a lot of it has to do with his energy,musical telepathy and composing chops.But,I also agree,he likely has a bit of a substance problem.Not debilitating,but still a factor that affects his muse.Then again,so have a lot of other great musicians,(incl. St.Skydog). And I persnally don’t believe Dickie would have ever ratted out his own roadies like Gregg(who is a great talent,but a major pita,imho).Nah,Dickie would have done his time,I figure.Anyway,I hope for the best for all of them,even Gregg.Rock on and peace to you all.

Toni Conte March 17, 2013, 13:55:49

Hey, Dickie’s doing great, Gregg’s still rocking and rolling and sounding great. As another Larger than Life musician once said, “let it be.”

stephen March 23, 2013, 23:00:20

So many of our friends and mentors are passing too soon. Do we need or want to save them, and thereby ourselves? Dickie seems lost. Alvin Lee and Peter Banks just left us this week; forever. In their absence, we are force-fed rap, hiphop, and other infintile noise. No fu+)%$ way! Rock on! Or, go play golf.

Bob March 27, 2013, 13:44:01

Friends, lets face the sober facts: The current line of of the ABB are at best a tribute band and Betts is a sloppy drunk. All is lost: its over.

RV April 7, 2013, 15:25:31

As a founding member of the Band, I would’ve thought the rest of them would of gotten Dicky the help he needed instead of just throwing him out…...granted it’s not all ways easy but this is like a family member… just don’t give up on them and toss them…........

TC April 19, 2013, 19:14:31

WTF??? What does it take to be kicked out of the ABB for substance abuse! What was he doing that the whole band wasn’t guilty of ?

Paul May 2, 2013, 17:20:28

If im not mistake Clapton also has had fueds with Dickey for years.

Paul May 2, 2013, 17:20:32

If im not mistake Clapton also has had fueds with Dickey for years.

Paul May 2, 2013, 17:20:32

If im not mistake Clapton also has had fueds with Dickey for years.

Paul May 2, 2013, 17:20:36

If im not mistake Clapton also has had fueds with Dickey for years.

rich May 9, 2013, 14:35:31

i have seen dickey many times live when he is on he is the best in the business and when he is not , well he is not. i also have seen ABB many times and this current version is the best i have ever seen. right now they are the best band currently touring. they are tight and enjoying themselves and it shows. i wish them all the best but i fear there is too much baggage for dickey and gregg to bury the hatchet

Bobby May 17, 2013, 16:18:23

Timmy, if brains were bird shit, you’d have a clean cage. You’re over the hill, will never be what you could because of your own stubborness. It cost you your marriage and you ability to play, yet you think you know anything about Gregg? Hilarious. Have fun being a has been.

Chuck May 24, 2013, 11:13:30

Paul- How would Clapton have a feud with Dickey? I don’t think they ever met more than in passing during the Layla sessions. You know something the rest of us don’t?

Chuck May 24, 2013, 11:07:33

The Beacon live album from 2000 shows Dickey not remembering or playing the right parts for High Falls. I can understand someone getting parts wrong occaisionally. What I want to know is why it was released? One problem I have with the current band is that, as much of a great layer Warren is, I just cannot stand his tone. Never could and I put up with it because Dickey was there. Hopefully, Dickey will clean up now after his recent health problems because ALOT of folks still think very highly of his playing and he should have a little more pride in himself.

Rocco Walsh June 28, 2013, 11:01:41

I’m a lifelong ABB fan, I feel that I am lucky enough to have see ABB and DB and Great Southern. I’ve read Gregg’s book and it is great. He makes no judgement of character, because he realizes he’s guilty of many things. With that said, I’d really be interested in a Dickie Betts book as well. To hear his side would be nice too. Anyway, I will always be a fan of both sides, that
s just how it is I guess. DB and Great Southern do have some pretty darn good music of their own out. Warren and Derek are my 2 favorites on guitar as well.

cowdawg July 18, 2013, 16:29:43

when you disrupt the business you have to go. When you have to have a back up ready for a tour. you have a problem. When I first heard of Dickey being booted I was shocked. Then I heard “Hitting the Note” saw the tour and it was plan as day. had to be done the jams were much tighter as well as wider bases. Listen to any live recording of the Brothers when Betts was the main man{one guitar) weak as hell. Toler was a great player helped the band live. but the current line up in my opinion is second only to the original line up. Betts new line up with son Duane is very good and three guitars seems to work for Betts. Time will tell what is a head for DICKEY However you will never see him on stage with the ALLMANS

Manhattanjim July 21, 2013, 22:49:38

Once Duane passed Gregg (The Gypsy, come on) showed how much of an ego maniac he was and was obviously jealous of the attention Dickey Betts got. Listen to the fabulous song writer Gregg talk about himself in every song he wrote (Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy) where as Dickey had more of a down to earth style in his songs. Do you think it was easy for Dickey Betts to be in a band where he did half the work and got and got no name recognition? Come on, listen to that LesPaul cry. Southbound Baby.

Greg August 6, 2013, 08:14:00

The one thing that Dicky Betts can say that Greg Allman can’t is that he is not a RAT. Greg Allman will never live down that when the going got tough he snitch on his friendslike a little baby. That will always be Greg Allmans legacy, I would always rather be known for playing “sub-par’” then for being a RAT. Greg you should have been a man when you had a chance. Make sure you tell that story to your grand kids tough guy.

jim b September 11, 2013, 20:07:45

read Gregg’s book..all of it..only the black print on the white paper..Dickey was not fired;he was asked to get his shit together..Gregg tells on himself throughout this book,no finger pointing..its a shame,Dickey was one of my many guitar heroes..but,facts is facts..Gregg headlines at bluesfests all over..Dickey headlines at the 5 o’Clock sucks and i pray he gets his shit day at a time

John Mason September 20, 2013, 03:23:09

I saw the Allman Brothers at the Cow Palace San Francisco back in 1973 Dickey Betts broke one of his guitar strings. He just smiled and adjusted his hands and finished the song. Gregg was playing keyboards and his hair was in his mouth most of the concert. Love the ABB never heard guitar played like that. Saw the Dickey interview, too bad he has so much to contribute. What a talent, what a waste. Sure hope he finds some reason to get back strong like when I saw him. Kind of reminds me of another guitarist Eddie Van Halen and his demons.

Jim September 21, 2013, 19:16:50

Hey, I love Warren and Derek as much as the next guy. But, let’s be honest, do either of them have a monster songs like Liz Reed, Jessica, or Ramblin Man? Nope. Additionally, Warren has made a hefty living playing ABB songs. Look at his success without ABB. Govt Mule is not a major force on the music scene. Derek would be unknown without his association to ABB. Both Warren and Derek owe an insurmountable debt to the Allman Brothers Band for their musical lot in life. Who blazed the trail that has helped them? The original Brothers line- up. That, my friends, includes Dickey Betts. Lastly, I’ve seen Great Southern in recent years and was impressed at how good Dickey is when he’s clean and sober. Finally, I’m a guitarist who has dedicated years to studying the Allmans when they were at their best….Fillmore. Guess what? Warren and Derek weren’t there. Lol. The Brothers have never climbed back up to that pinnacle.

George October 1, 2013, 22:29:42

Love the pros and cons of the Gregg Supporters and the Dickey Supporters… Firmly with Mr Betts here… Gregg is a monumental dullard who spent the majority of his career in the bag… Have to say that WH and DT are immense talents but there is zero emotive ness in their playing. Dickey Betts’ tone is heartwarming and thrilling even if he is off… It is a shame he is not in his rightful place with the Abb

JT Kirk October 31, 2013, 02:27:16

Go back to Woodstock you stupid hippies!

JT Kirk October 31, 2013, 02:27:21

Go back to Woodstock you stupid hippies!

Streetglide November 1, 2013, 13:07:09

The Allman Brothers are on permanent rotation together with the Black Crowes first album and a few others on the Harley. Be nice to see Dickie get sober and everyone get along. Two new guys are great pickers, don’t care much for their tone but they can play no doubt. Just don’t have the same touch as the old times but life goes on..

Kevin November 20, 2013, 22:24:35

I saw the Bros in Summer ’94. Nashville—Duane and Gregg’s hometown, 25th Anniversary Tour. Dickey rocked that night. The whole band did. He and Haynes were great together when I saw them. And from 90-94 he wrote a lot of good material. Lots.

jeff December 8, 2013, 19:03:31

Ive seen Derrick play and my belief is that no other guitarist in ABB is even worthy to hold his pick. This guy is a natural and reminds me a lot of Duane. jmo!

jeff December 8, 2013, 19:03:32

Ive seen Derrick play and my belief is that no other guitarist in ABB is even worthy to hold his pick. This guy is a natural and reminds me a lot of Duane. jmo!

jeff December 8, 2013, 19:03:36

Ive seen Derrick play and my belief is that no other guitarist in ABB is even worthy to hold his pick. This guy is a natural and reminds me a lot of Duane. jmo!

jeff December 8, 2013, 19:03:36

Ive seen Derrick play and my belief is that no other guitarist in ABB is even worthy to hold his pick. This guy is a natural and reminds me a lot of Duane. jmo!

jeff December 8, 2013, 19:03:40

Ive seen Derrick play and my belief is that no other guitarist in ABB is even worthy to hold his pick. This guy is a natural and reminds me a lot of Duane. jmo!

Bil December 26, 2013, 14:05:30

Wow lots going on here…...I used to work at WRAS in Atlanta on mike. I met these guys in the early years and all were just great fun. I saw that interview online of a kicked out of the band Richard Betts who was completely wasted. It was such a turn off…that it brought me back to the Merriweather Post Concert when he could not make it cause he was sitting in a jail cell for beating the crap out of his spouse. I think that was the beginning of the end for him as that kind of behavior really turned off many in the band. I was very hopeful that he may get help and kick the wine/boozing. As everyone can be forgiven…this is not a Warren or a Dickey thing its all about business. The band is an income producing business as musicians. That being said Dickey appears to look great and everyone buries the hatched eventually. But I do see him back with the band one day, it is going to happen both men and all the band members have too much love for each other not to make that happen as time is fleeting. No Dickey in this band is very obvious…yet still a missing link.

chris sims February 1, 2014, 18:01:43

It’s a joke how all the people in here talking about substance abuse. I wonder how many fans of the allmans were either drinking or doing drugs during the actual concerts. I know all of the 50 or so times I have seen them I was either high on weed or acid.

Burt February 2, 2014, 15:33:30

I was around 11 years old when my dad brought home the the Fillmore east album. The first album I owned was Bothers and Sisters.Duane died to young, Dickey burned out to soon.Gregg is who he is,I’m gad he’s still here.Give Warren his due,if you don’t know Govt Mule you should.Nobody plays more.Nobody has more friends.When he is done, his body of musc will be second to none.At this point in time Warren is the man.

Tom March 9, 2014, 21:15:50

Warren Haynes is a great player, but all too predictable. Derek Trucks, in my opinion, is one of the greatest players in the world today. After saying that, I see no evidence that either of the two ever wrote and played in the way Dickie Betts has. One thing. It isn’t about speed. It is about the feeling you put in your music, and what others feel when they hear it. The original ABB is the greatest band ever, in my mind.

lifetimefan March 20, 2014, 02:19:42

I think Derek Trucks said it best. When Dickey Betts was in the zone, nobody could touch him. The man is a living legend and continues to bring it more often than not even with advancing age. It’s a shame what went down all those years ago and that it couldn’t be patched up. There has always been something missing without Dickey Betts in the band. That’s no knock on Warren Haynes or Derek Trucks as both are incredible players in their own right. Even with the news of Warren and Derek leaving the band, I can’t see it as being the end. Call me a delusional dreamer but I see Dickey Betts returning to the band for a last call run so to speak in the near future. Age means nothing with this band with the type of music they play. The remaining original brothers should bury this once and for all with everyone getting up there in age and give it a go. A number of other players along with Dickey could keep it rolling along for awhile longer if they would put all the crap behind them and move on from the feuding. Life is too short to carry the animosity to the grave and they all got a ton of dough anyway. What’s the use in carrying the grudge. Long live the Allman Brothers Band.

Old Bro April 4, 2014, 08:59:16

I was a ‘brother’ in Georgia in the late 60s/early 70s. I didn’t know the actual “Brothers” but we felt a part of them. We called proudly ourselves “freaks”
I’ll keep it short. When Duane and Berry died it left a hole in us that still hurts. It was followed with disgust at turncoat G.A.‘s legal troubles. How could he do that? That was not being a ‘brother’. I disowned him. Still do.
I’m on Dickie’s side on this one. He gave us his soul for 4 decades and deserves to go out however he wants. As long as people pay to see him…., that’s the way our system works.
I understood back then Dickie had ‘harder’ troubles than coke. That would explain a lot.
All we can do is pray for him and be thankful he was one of us. He is truly a National Treasure.
Thanks for letting me speak my piece.

mike April 10, 2014, 14:33:42

the whole 45 years has been an american treasure

mike April 10, 2014, 14:33:48

the whole 45 years has been an american treasure

Mike D May 6, 2014, 22:36:59

I am a guitarist and have been for a long time. I saw Dickie on Friday, and HE’S STILL GOT IT! WOW! AMAZING PLAYING! THOSE WHO TALK SHIT ARE SHIT!

flury dog May 31, 2014, 22:23:31

If your hitten tha note and make somthing of it Good if your not ,then your not hitten any more , then your making the real, unreal and the rest of the band need to fix it …casualties of progress .if your mind ain’t. In the body your body ain’t. In the mind. A piece is not of a master .,a master is of the piece…...

Sparuploasp June 21, 2014, 12:08:15

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Johnny Baseheart June 27, 2014, 05:41:00

Good Lord guys …...I just met Galadrielle the other day…....bought her book…...we had a nice talk…..she told me that …..Dickie and Skydog,,,,,, were great friends…........Two things my brothers….....Dickie wrote the two most lovely songs….......BLUE SKY AND LIZZY REED...........Tell Gregg …......

Sparuploasp July 7, 2014, 06:56:34

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Dennis adkisson July 21, 2014, 02:16:45

The original band was the best & betts singular style is so original & unique . Betts /arrangements energy & soulful solos were so full of energy and good vibe. Come on! Folks when” blue sky” was blasting on the radio back in the early 70s who didn’t have a smile on their face Going down the road felling good to be an American! If ya didn’t then god help ya. The original band was it folks! Trucks & Haynes are great players of course but were talkin the magic of yesterday like Clapton with cream/django & the club /butterfield with Bloomfield/. God bless all the band members original & later ones too. Pray for betts & greg & all of em. I’m thankfull as a guitar player for 43 plus yrs that I have been able to be inspired by all these folks. Hope they can all make amens and do some pickin together again! Keep on rambling. Oh and danny gatton was pretty a damn good picker too!

A Ludmerer July 24, 2014, 15:34:18

Here is my issue. Greg stated Dickey was drinking more and had no one to drink with anymore because everyone was sober. Greg only finally got sober because it was either that or Die. Dickey put up with him wasted for over 3 decades! How about you show some compassion to a brother who kept the band relevant for 4 decades? The Band that is basically still playing because of music he made? I love Derek trucks and Warren Haynes is Maybe the best guitar player on earth . But bring back Dickey before its too late. You owe it to us fans .

Johnk502 August 5, 2014, 05:09:49

Your goal is to breed all the different dragons available to you ffcebfdeeeee

George August 15, 2014, 21:11:12

Remember what Duane Allman said about Dickey: “I’m the famous one, he’s the good one.” Without Dickey Betts there is no Duane Allman and after the Layla sessions ‘Clapton’s got nothing on Dickey Betts’

Don Rankin December 1, 2014, 18:35:39

He ain’t got no num-nums. Dated guitar work. Sounds exactly the same as a billion years ago. No polish, no audience.

Pepe the Schnauzer December 5, 2014, 20:24:27

The band did the right thing by firing Dickey Betts. All through the 90s and very early 00 when he was in the band his playing was not that bad, he and Gregg and other band members would use drugs before shows, and his playing was all the same, and he would turn up his guitar volume very loud. When Dickey was still in the band the setlists were pretty much all the same, and did not vary at all. Gregg and the rest of the band sober? If you believe that I have some nice swampland in Arizona to sell you.

Ned henry January 23, 2015, 20:46:09

Allman nothing but a fuckin snitch he betrayed the brotherhood.

Joe February 21, 2015, 01:22:01

Come on guys. We all have families that we love, and we all have sinned. The Allman Brothers Band has given us some of the the most amazing music I have ever head, or ever will. They will always be my favorite band, not even close. America is lucky to have such a gem. It would break Duane’s heart to hear this, imagine what it would be like if he was still with us. ABB is a treasure, let it go and pass this music on to your kids!

Don April 19, 2015, 00:55:16

That Allman Brothers Band w/o Dickey, no matter how accomplished the two remaining guitarists are, is overrated. Never knew how much Betts added to the group until I attended a concert in the late 80’s featuring both Dickey’s group and the Gregg Allman Band. Dickey’s group far excelled Allman’s. Allman had to be walked to his B3, apparently wasted on something. Barely recognizeable subpar vocals from Allman the entire night. To close the night both groups did a set together doing all Allman Bros hits and Betts literally stole the show.

melliena May 10, 2015, 16:01:43

All need to back off the brotherhood. They have saved most. Of us for the past 30+ years I know they have me. And. AS FAR AS BEING A SNITCH WHO ARE YOU TO SAY ANYTHING You go Greg.

JAMES CLEVELAND June 19, 2015, 16:41:47

Dicky Betts is 70+ years old for Christ sake. How many 70 year olds are drug free. Pain pills, blood thinners, alcohol, anything to kill the pain of being old. Yea, the young guys kick butt, and good for them. But leave Mr. Betts alone, he is the Allman Brothers and was lying it all down before most of you experts were even born.

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