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Published: 2012/04/01

Barr Brothers to Tour as Brad and Andrew

The Barr Brothers founders Andrew and Brad have announced their next incarnation. The siblings spent a decade working their way from New England bars to late night TV as 2/3rds of The Slip before giving it all up to focus on their Americana side-band Surprise Me Mr. Davis. Once that project showed some commercial potential the brothers decided to pause their recording process so Brad Barr could focus on his solo album The Fall Apartment. Instead of touring behind The Fall Apartment, Brad Barr formed a new indie-folk band with Andrew and some of their new Montreal neighbors. Now that The Barr Brothers have scored international praise and appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Andrew and Brad have decided to place The Barr Brothers on hiatus and tour under their given names Brad and Andrew. “Touring under my own name felt kind of lonely and somewhat untrue,” Brad Barr recently told from his new home in Lincoln. Nebraska. “But the idea of The Barr Brothers also felt like too much of a brand tied to a family lineage that is also somewhat removed from the hear and now, present and future. I prefer the anonymity of Brad and Andrew, which is really who we are and have always been.” Brad and Andrew are expected to tour the country with a new band featuring members of their Nebraska farm community, with Andrew Barr switching from drums to milk bottle and Bras Barr performing solely on a cow udder.

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