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Published: 2012/04/01

Jerry Garcia’s Face Discovered in a Bowl of Cereal

The Father of Our Country

Earlier this month a McDonalds chicken nugget that bears a striking resemblance to George Washington (if you wink properly in a semi-lit cave) sold for $8,100 on eBay. It appears however this sum may well be eclipsed later this month with the auction of “Sugaree.”

While sighting of Jesus’ face have turned up in a frying pan, on floorboards and even in a field in Hungary, it appears Jerry Garcia has now resurfaced in a bowl of sweetened cereal in Bangladesh. The image was discovered on Saturday by local area farmer Rahi Faruk while having breakfast in his home outside the capital of Dhaka. The image of Garcia’s face is reported to have shown up on a small flake of cereal, which was immediately recognized by Faruk.

However, much to the chagrin of the picky Deadhead, the Garcia flake resembled the guitarist during the 1982-84 period. “That era, I cannot abide.”

Thankfully, a neighboring Brent Mydland fan rescued the flake and “Sugaree” is expected to fetch a pretty penny from a fan of mid-80s Dead.

In an unrelated story, Lionel Hutz, a Bay Area attorney who visited San Rafael’s Terrapin Crossroads on Saturday night, claimed to have found one of Phil Lesh’s hair follicles in the asparagus pesto pizza and deemed it “uncool.”

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