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Published: 2012/04/04

Gregg Allman Confirms Book Signing Tour

Photo by Dino Perrucci

Gregg Allman has lined up a book signing tour for his forthcoming memoir My Cross to Bear. The Allman Brothers Band leader will sign copies of his book in cities throughout the country, including at the ABB’s former home The Big House. As previously reported, Allman will also chat with journalist Alan Light—who helped him on his memoir—at Santa Monica, CA’s The Aero Theatre on May 15. In addition, Allman and Light will sit down for a conversation at New York’s Apple Store on May 3. For more on Allman’s new memoir, please click here.

Here’s a look at Gregg Allman’s upcoming signings

May 1 Barnes and Noble in NYC @ 12PM

May 2 Bookends Book in Ridgewood NJ @ 7PM

May 4 Barbara’s South Station in Boston, MA 3PM & Booksmith in Brookline, MA @ 7PM

May 7 The Big House in Macon, Georgia @ 6PM

May 8 Eagle Eye Bookshop in Atlanta, Georgia @ 7PM

May 10 Parnassis Sponsored signing at BMI in Nashville, TN @ 7PM

May 12 Costco in Chicago, IL @ 12PM

June 2n Sam’s Club in Savannah, Georgia @ 12PM

Here’s a look at Allman’s “in conversation” dates with Alan Light

May 3 “Enhanced Ebook Reveal with Alan Light,” The Apple Stores, New York, NY @ 7PM

May 15 “An Evening with Gregg Allman
in conversation with Alan Light,” The Aero Theatre, Santa Monica, CA @ 7:30PM


There are 11 comments associated with this post

shadee April 4, 2012, 10:43:26

so in this book… ya think he’ll shed some light about how he felt throwing his friends in jail? Friggin narc…

peachhead April 4, 2012, 11:03:57

Im sure he will talk about it. . . .the real story from what I know is that Greg did testify, received complete immunity, and Scooter Herring, former manager, was sentenced to 75 years in jail. But then the conviction was appealed, Greg refused to testify again as his charges were already dropped, and Herring entered a plea bargain this time to a lesser sentence due to the fact that the rest of the evidence was fairly damning anyway. Herring did around 30 months in jail and was released early. Dickey, Chuck leavell, Jaimoe and lamar williams refused to ever play with him again but from my understanding Greg mended things with Scooter as best he could afterwards and things ended more or less ok with those two, leading the rest of the band to eventually forgive him and reform the ABB in 1978 (well, chuck and lamar decided to stick with sea level, but chuck still guests from time to time). I remember reading this a few years ago as Scooter Herring passed away in 2007.

Matt April 4, 2012, 11:54:33

Yah, he threw them in jail, not their drug addictions or drug dealings. Scooter’s involvement witht he Dixie Mafia had nothing to do with it. Get a clue.

Ben Singer April 4, 2012, 18:52:35

Let’s hope Dickey Betts now 68 years old writes his book and tells his side of the story.

Shaun April 6, 2012, 11:09:52

As I understood it, just like Peachhead says, the evidence was pretty damning and Gregg was stuck in an untenable situation. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, and I also have to wonder what any of the rest of us would’ve done in the same situation. Regardless, Gregg has had to live with his past, and the consequences thereof, and it’s not like Scooter was innocent either. His bandmates were able to work things out with him and move on, so why people who weren’t even there, and didn’t know any of these people, can’t is beyond me. Yet, I never hear many people say a bad word about Dickey and his violent acts (both in and out of the band) that led to arrests and were part of why he was kicked out of the ABB,

maureen April 6, 2012, 19:10:27

if anyone else was in the same situation that gregg allman was in I would done the same thing. Can’t wait u
ntil book comes out. Dicky Betts where’s he now? Who cares

terri April 22, 2012, 14:47:07

cant wait for the book. all the comments above, all I have too say to you is dont judge, for you may be judged one day,

Auth April 24, 2012, 03:41:19

I hate to say it but, most of the time film school is a waste of money. It doesn’t guanartee you a job in the industry. You’ll learn just as much working as a PA or intern on a studio film set in 6 months as you would in 4 years of film school, and you won’t be in debt up to your eyeballs. There’s an old saying: graduate from law school and you’re a lawyer, graduate from med school and you’re doctor, graduate from film school and you’re a waiter.

rob rugel April 25, 2012, 14:13:33

Long live Duane….miss Dickey Betts in the band…not the same….

danadane May 8, 2012, 00:31:44

Great book!! I’m so happy he finally decided to write it. I read the entire thing in a little over a day. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear all the crazy stuff he’s lived through over the years. I’ve always been a big Gregg Allman fan and am just happy to hear he is finally happy and healthy. All the best to Gregg and the rest of the brothers. I personally love the new line up of the Allmans! Keep rockin’!!

Kathy Sullivan August 27, 2012, 12:42:17

Gregg: Can’t wait for you to come to NYC or even New Jersey for another Book Signing Tour.

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